March 12, 2013

Backyard Plans

I have so much to share and no blog posts to show for it!

Kanyon and I are almost always working on something in our house. And the "Our Home" page on this blog is so behind. I'll make that a priority next week - a lot has changed! I've learned that it takes us a while to finish projects, though. I started chronicling the renovation of Kanyon's shop and our laundry room and Brindle's nursery and never posted finished pictures! Well that's because the nursery is the only thing out of those three actually finished. BUT Kanyon is finishing up the laundry room as we speak (....type? ... read?)!!! I'm so excited about how it is turning out, over a year later! Its inspiring me to finish out his shop, too, although I think he's finally got it through my head that its not going to be a "pretty" part of our home. Its his shop and thats it. There's just a couple cosmetic things left to do but those are always the parts that take the longest for me. I get lots of steam going to start a room and then towards the end, I lose it and it takes forever to get done!

We are also making plans to finally start work on our backyard. It is the only part of the "Our Home" page that is still accurate. Its just a blank slate. A big one that we get a little overwhelmed when we think about starting. But we feel a little more need now that we will have an 18 month old next summer. This summer, she won't be running around in it yet.

We plan on building a deck, trying again to grow grass (this drought has killed all of Kanyon's efforts), putting up a tree swing, and making a little fire pit area (got the fire pit, just need a couple chairs and a way to designate the spot). Future plans are to landscape some more, maybe have a garden (with my Aunt Rhnea's help... right, Aunt 'Nea?), have a play area for Brindle... Its such a big area that there could be so much done with it.

 This picture is old - Kanyon has replaced the roof, the trim, and the door of his shop.

..... And I gave up trying to spray paint those chairs. They're gone. Spray painting is not my strength.

The deck will extend from the back door (replacing that cement porch). We have a very nice grill that was a graduation gift to Kanyon from my parents that we want to have in view (we keep it in the outdoor closet seen in the top picture to keep it from the elements) and hopefully a dining area? The fire pit is going to be next to the tree. Something simple like this (I think I've already shared this picture on my blog...) with gravel.

This picture is an inspiration for me...

I love how the different areas are designated in the backyard and you don't have to have grass everywhere - especially since a yard is so hard to keep here. There also isn't a lot of flowers and plants to tend to. I love the look of flowers and color but have to be honest with myself that I kill everything I plant - simple is better. I just want to have a backyard that me and my family spend a lot of time in.

And THIS is my dream porch - how amazing is this!??

Maybe someday when we get really rich. ;)

Well, we are heading to Houston for the rest of the week! I am so excited to spend time at my parent's house. I get so anxious for them to see Brindle! She changes so much so quickly. Have a great week!

March 5, 2013

Brindle and River

Sena and I had the "pleasure" of being pregnant at the same time last year - and both of us are glad that "pleasure" is over! Brindle's cousin River was born 7 weeks after her on Christmas Eve! Brindle gets so excited when we lay her next to River these days - its so cute.

Brindle and River loved each other from early on! And Brindle really loves her Aunt Sena.

Meeting River for the first time after coming home from Christmas in Houston!

 Kissing her cousin! Missed by a little...

 Hanging out in River's crib... they've taken a few naps together in there!

We love having Daniel and Sena and the kids living so close now!!