February 25, 2011

Where We're At

So this week has been a little crazy.

Monday, bible study (lovin this new study!). 
Tuesday, cotton seed meeting with Kanyon and Uncle Dan and Aunt Rhnea. Read a book during it. Got free dinner.
Wednesday, stayed up at work to help lead a discussion with the girls in youth group about sex. It was awkward. Not because it was about sex. But because I didn't know any of the girls and then expected them to share their questions about it. Silence.... 
Thursday, catching up with cooking and working out for the first time this week. Tried a new recipe and botched it. But Kanyon said he still liked it... mm hmm. It took me an hour and a half instead of the 20 minutes I allotted it so I got to work out for only 15 min. But I still patted myself on the back for the effort.

This morning, worked out with some ladies here in Lamesa like I usually do on Fridays and it k-i-l-l-e-d me. We did a 20-minute Jillian Michaels video. It only took me the first ten to hate Jillian. I am consoling my aching body with Thin Mints. (Dang those girl scout cookies.)

One thing that I meant to do on this blog but have been doing a sorry job lately is keep my city (and Scottish.. Ali) friends up to date with where we are in farming. Its been slower lately because January and February are a re-grouping, if you will, time for farmers. But its been picking up again.

Right now, the farmers I know (can't speak for all of them) have sewn wheat into their fields. Honestly, I can't remember all the benefits of it and why they do it but I do remember that it helps with the sand blowing. The only benefit for me is that its beautiful! (Well actually less sand blowing is nice, too.) If it turns out well by May, they will harvest and sell it right before planting their cotton.

I looove this time of year. Most of the feilds are green with beautiful wheat and the others have freshly turned soil and are being irrigated to soak up the moisture.
(Yes, mom, I used that word I hate.)

In a few weeks, the wheat will be much taller and I'll make myself believe I'm back in Scotland for a moment.

Kanyon got his sewing machine in last week. And I just realized - I haven't even been back to his shop to see it. (See above for what I've been doing this week.) What kind of wife am I? Priority number 1 tonight. Pictures to come of the work he's been doing on the place.

Speaking of working on the place, we have some exciting renovations coming up to our house!

This is not the current state of our lawn or our flower bushes but its not far off since they just went through a harsh winter..

For sure, we will be painting the trim of the house (currently a disgusting mauve/brick red color) a creamy white for a more crisp finish. So imagine white around the windows, on the soffet, on the carport, etc.

Next, Kanyon wants to redo the porches on both the back and the front of the house. We both hate them now. They are sagging and ugly. So for the front, we have in mind to change the direction its facing altogether so its angled more towards the street. You can't see the iron pillars that well in this picture but they are painted black and peeling. Gotta go. We're not sure how the final product will look but we're pretty excited!

The back porch needs an update as well. Well actually the whole backyard for that matter.

We want a large back porch that we can actually sit on. This one is chipping badly. Notice the trim on the door? That will be painted too!

That green rug was long ago chewed up by Zeb on a day he didn't get to go out with Kanyon, don't worry.

We'd love to have enough room on the porch for some chairs, our beautiful grill that is in the storage shed for protection (we still use it, dad, don't worry), and maybe somewhere to put Zeb's food so its not the only thing you see. He hasn't stepped inside his dog house more than 5 times so maybe his bed will have to be up there, too. (I envisioned a cute dog house in the back corner of the yard.. bummer).

The rest of the yard just needs work. I'd like to add some more plants, some flowers and color, and I think I'm going to try my hand at planting a vegetable garden? I have no idea what to expect. I really need to add a bird feeder somewhere.. they keep eating Zeb's food and bathing in his bowl. Sick.

Notice the shop in the back? That will look different as well as Kanyon adds some sort of door to the opening on the left. He'll also replaces the door and the roof. And I think it needs a good Texas star or something to fill in that blank wall on the right.

So there you have our hopes and dreams. We'll see if we get it all accomplished this year!

February 21, 2011

War Paint

Our little painted pony ... dog.

Zeb got into a little scuffle with his friend LuLu and had to get mended up a bit. The silver stuff is supposed to be a sort of animal band-aid ... but I like to think of it as Indian war paint.


February 18, 2011

Ending the Week on a Mushy Note

Scratch that - not "mushy" but sentimental. Mushy sometimes alludes to negative feelings.

I said in my post yesterday that it had been kind of an emotional week. Well, allow me to throw something else at you.

I randomly found a post this morning from my friend Becca's blog. I clicked on a link on her side bar and was led to another blog that was having a guest blogger today.. Have I confused you?

Well actually it doesn't matter how I got to it. I just really want you to read it because it really touched me.

As someone who is still relatively new to this whole get-married-and-share-your-life-completely-with-someone-else thing.. I found this post to be very encouraging.

Second Chances by Paige from Simple Thoughts (guest blogger on Between You and Me)
(Note - the blog has a song playing when you open it so if you're at work or just don't want to listen to it, you might hit the mute now.)


I've got a weekend ahead of me with no plans and that suits me just fine! I kind of had a un-said dare to myself to actually not leave Welch the entire month of February. And I think we're gonna make it!... But I won't lie - I'm feeling the itch to travel. I guess running errands in Lubbock tomorrow will do.


February 17, 2011

Some of Kanyon's work

This week has been an emotional one, good and bad!

Monday night, the women in Welch started our new spring bible study from Beth Moore called "Beloved Disciple." It seems really great so far!

Tuesday night, Kanyon and I celebrated Valentines a day late in Lubbock and it was really fun. We left for Lubbock after I got off work and went tennis shoe shopping (that's what we "got" each other for V-day.. or really Kanyon just bought them for both of us...). Both of us were tired of the style that we've always gotten so we wanted to buy some that were different. I've always wanted some bright tennis shoes so I got these:

I'm pretty excited about them! Kanyon really wanted some brown tennis shoes so he got some sweet brown and orange Nikes. Neither of us really wanted Nike but both ended up with them. After shopping, we went and had dinner at a Hibachi grill in Lubbock. It was so nice to not have to battle the crowds like we do on a weekend in Lubbock!

Then yesterday, we attended the funeral of a man that's from around this area who was very loved and respected by all that knew him. Kanyon and Landon had so many stories about having fun with Danny and his kids. It was a very tragic accident that killed him. The memorial service was beautiful and attended by hundreds! It was extremely touching even to someone like me who had never met the man. My heart goes out to his family.

I've gathered a few pictures of some of Kanyon's work to show yall. There are still a couple that I want to get from other people but here's a few for you:

 He made this stand-alone cross for our friend Troy Howard (Zeb's breeder) a couple of 
years ago. Here it is standing behind the groom's cake at our wedding.

 Kanyon made these smaller crosses for all the groomsmen and ushers in our wedding.
He made crosses like these with different designs (all floral for my parents) for different things
here and there like Christmases. This one is currently hanging in Kenya with our friends Jason and Stephen.

 I picked out the leather and Kanyon made me this purse for me for Christmas a couple years ago.

And this beautiful piece he made and framed for him and his sisters to give their parents for Christmas
a couple years ago.

There are a couple more things I'm wanting to get pictures of but this is what I have for now. Isn't he talented?! These are only a few of the things he's made on the side when he was working for Damon in Abilene but now he's made a few more since he's moved home. And that's not to mention all the tons of stuff he made on the job.


February 14, 2011

Best Buds

Last Thursday when I babysat Tac, Tac and Zeb had a grand ole time playing together. It was pretty entertaining. It was too bad Kanyon was at the bible study he helps lead at the prison because he only got to see these pictures when he got home.

First of all, the funniest thing that happened, I didn't even get on tape!
Before you think that Kasha would be mad at me for allowing this, just know that I knew she wouldn't..
Tac thought the funniest thing in the world was to pucker his lips and get Zeb to lick them so they would make a funny noise when he would laugh. Let me tell you, I was on the floor rolling! This went on for about ten minutes straight!

Then, Zeb got sleepy after running around with Tac so he went to his usual spot to lay down by the front door.
Not long after, Tac decided he was sleepy too.

'Scuse me. Is this spot taken?

Scoot over!

Listen, bub. I asked you to scoot over.


February 11, 2011

Lamesa Woes

I just called around to find out where I could get my eyebrows waxed here in Lamesa.

Salon #1 couldn't get me in for two weeks. (For real?! Its a five minute "procedure"!)
Salon #2 asked if I could come in at 2:45 in the middle of the work day. I said I think depending on work. Work got busy so I couldn't come in. I call to say sorry. They make it clear that they did not appreciate me missing and didn't offer a reschedule. Uh. Okay.
Salon #3 is closing for a month because she just had surgery.

And that's the extent of salons that offer it. Great.

I got a few responses asking for pictures of some of Kanyon's leather work so I'm going to work on taking a few pictures this weekend!

Last night, I babysat Tac for Kasha and we had fun :) Tac looooves Zeb and the feeling is mutual. I'm kicking myself because I took some cute pictures of Tac trying to take a nap with Zeb. I will try to show those to yall this weekend too!

This describes his personality perfectly. A little stinker :)

Have a great weekend! I have my first Walk to Emmaus meeting as a worker and I think I'll find out what my role will be. And then Kanyon and I plan on celebrating V-day on Saturday night. Along with the rest of the world.. I'll just prepare myself to wait a long time for a table!


February 8, 2011

KB Leather

With harvest ending at the end of last year, Kanyon has had a lot more time to do some leather projects people have hired him to do.

If you didn't know, Kanyon worked at 5D Custom Hats and Leather when we were in college, making all kinds of leather items and being the primary hat maker. 5D is pretty well known in the rodeo circuit so he got to meet - and make hats for - some famous rodeo men. It was pretty exciting to be watching PBR and see a rider wearing a hat Kanyon made them.

But Kanyon is not making hats anymore since that requires some fancy machinery, plus I don't think he's all that interested in it. But he has been collecting leather tools the last year and a half since he moved away from Abilene and next week, we get one of the most important tools - a heavy duty sewing machine! It is a big investment so he's been waiting to see how this year's crop did before he decided to go for it. He'll be able to make a lot more items plus make the items he does make already faster.

We have a little unfinished apartment in our backyard that Kanyon intends to make into his shop. Its got a lot to go but it's going to be great to get all of his leather stuff out of the office closet :)

It's windows, door, ceiling and possibly flooring all need to be replaced.. its going to be a big job but it will be awesome for him. And me - because he can finally make all the awesome stuff he's made for others for OUR house! We don't have a SINGLE item that he's made in our own house but he's made all these beautiful crosses and a framed verse for others. I think its kinda funny... but not funny enough to not hint I want something soon to show off.

My favorite thing he's made lately: a belt for our friend Troy Howard (Zeb's breeder) --

Isn't it pretty? He makes belts, purses (ladies?..), bible covers, all kinds of cowboy stuff that I'm not going to pretend I remember the names of, wallets. Both for boys and girls. He made an awesome bible cover for Kasha a couple years ago that I want him to make for me :) I think I need to gather up some stuff he's made and show yall. I'll do that.

Off to staff meeting!


February 4, 2011


Have a great weekend everyone!
(No, Kanyon does not really kiss like that.)


February 2, 2011


I love winter. Its my favorite season. I love the snow and the cold weather and the warm clothes and warm food.
What I don't understand is why the retail stores don't like winter.

As soon as January hits, bam - they put all the winter clothes on clearance and put out all the spring lines! I don't understand it. You are ruining it for me! I hate summer, stop trying to push it on me! Does it look like I'm ready to wear your sleeveless top?

 Zeb had his first snow day since he was born in the summer yesterday. And he loooved it.

He would bound across the snow as if he couldn't walk through it but only jump through it.

At one point, he got so excited when we were running around that he hard core tackled me from behind to the ground! I couldn't decide if I thought it was funny or if I needed to be mad because I was now covered in snow. But then he started jumping again and it made me laugh.

He has really grown a lot in the last three months. Look at the difference!

He's a pretty boy, huh? :)

I love it when it snows here. Its so pretty in the country because it doesn't go away because of cars or people walking on it. It just stays. Unlike Houston where it may flurry a little but never stick to the ground..

Hope everyone (in Texas) is coping with the power outages well!