June 20, 2012


Get your bikinis ready! :) Don't you wish we all looked this cute in one?

This summer has kinda had a rough start for farming. All the wind has made the farmers stay on their game. Kanyon has been gone a lot out on the tractor. I have missed him. Some nights he hasn't gotten in until after I'm in bed, if not right before and leaves before I get up. I'm ready for him to be home more! Zeb misses him, too. Sometimes Kanyon lets him come home before he is done and I'm glad that I have someone to hang out with late at night. I can tell he's missing Kanyon when he sits by his chair:

But this weekend and next week, Kanyon and I will get a vacation with our families and I am so excited!!!

This weekend, we have a family reunion with my father-in-law's side of the family and all of Kanyon's siblings and their families (and Landon's girlfriend) will be there! Jada, his oldest sister, and her husband and kids have been here the last few days. They came early to spend some time in Welch and then go on up to New Mexico, where the reunion is, early to have a little family vacation before the reunion. So I have finally had my time with one of my new nephews, Krae! This is what we've done most of the time...

He is beyond adorable and so sweet. There's nothing like nieces and nephews. He's a major snuggler. Kyla, Kanyon's second oldest sister, and her kids will be here tonight and will drive with us up to Ruidoso for the reunion on Friday. She will be bringing my other nieces and my other new nephew, Preston, with her! Can't wait to get to see him. All the pictures she's sent have shown that he looks a lot like his Uncle Kanyon!

The next few days actually hold lots of exciting things happening because on Friday morning, we find out for sure what the sex of our baby is! The doctor is pretty sure its a girl, which I'm thrilled about, though he wanted to wait until this appointment to say for sure. I will be about 20 weeks at the appointment. It will also be a 3D ultrasound appointment, which will be so fun to show the family this weekend!

Then after making a quick visit to see our new second cousin Maddox in Lubbock, we will be heading to Ruidoso with all of Kanyon's family for the reunion. We'll all be staying in a large cabin, all 20+ of us. It will be so fun! There will be lots of extended family to see and spend time with, too. We'll be playing golf, swimming, eating a lot of great food (that always makes my list of important things), and going to a show on Saturday night apparently. I can't wait to get to the mountains and out of this hot weather!

Then on Sunday, Kanyon and I will say goodbye to everyone and head to Colorado to be adult guests at a Young Life camp called Frontier Ranch with my parents! I've been involved in Young Life in several capacities but this will be the first time I'll be an adult guest, since I've only recently become an adult ;) I am beyond excited! Besides staying in resort style facilities which is enough to make me want to be there right now, I get to watch and be apart of a ministry that I have sorely missed! My parents have been adult guests several times and they say its different than they think what being a leader or working is like at camp. So it's going to be fun! I pulled these pictures off Frontier's website... oh my goodness.

Frontier Ranch is Young Life's oldest operating camp (the oldest is no longer being used) and apparently has the most character for it. A lot of people say its their favorite and I'm excited to get to experience it. I've only been there for a day visit while working at another Young Life camp that is close by.

Writing this blog post has made me so antsy to get Wednesday and Thursday out of the way!! Especially so I'll have packing behind me... hate that part.

I may not be posting between now and then, unless I decide to post the sex of the baby, so have a great weekend and week!

June 13, 2012

A couple product reviews.

I have done, I think, one product review on here before. Not because I am anything of an expert, especially not on beauty products, but because I always appreciate when someone shares something they've found to be really good. And the last time, I shared something like this, I actually had a lot of people tell me thanks!

So! Since I've moved here, my skin has changed drastically. Growing up in Houston, I had way too oily skin. I used a lot of powder to make it look matte, which always went to waste in an hour in Houston humidity. Living here is a much different story. Since the weather is extremely dry, my skin seems to have had a complete turn-around. I still have a little bit of oil, but now my skin is extremely dehydrated. My skin tone became very blotchy and dull. And the most annoying part was that my foundation and powder that I've always used seemed to rebel against staying on my face. It seemed to, for lack of a better word, "puddle up" on my face and easily wipe off. It never absorbed.

So I started moisturizing morning and night, something I should have always done probably, and I switched to a different foundation and stopped wearing powder since I don't have near the problem with oil.

I still was not happy and I began my search for a good moisturizer and foundation combination. I tried switching to Mary Kay and a couple other drug store brands but nothing really "stuck" to my face.

So I went back to Clinique (I think I'll always love them the best) and was happy to see that they came out with several new moisturizers and a new foundation! 

Clinique Turnaround Overnight Moisturizer

Click on the picture to go to Clinique's site.

Okay, I am so happy with this stuff. I only wear it at night. The Clinique lady, who was very knowledgable, said that as long as I wear a moisturizer with SPF in it during the day, I am fine. So for the day, I wear Oil of Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer since Oil of Olay seems to be the best quality that you can get at a drugstore. Its only $10 and lasts a long time. But back to the product I'm actually supposed to be talking about. This lotion is very thick and it makes your skin feel better automatically, which is not always the case with lotions. I have noticed a complete difference in my skin tone evening out and my skin no longer feels dull. Its supposed to help regenerate your skin cells overnight, which this Bible major knows nothing about, so I'll leave it to you to go check it out on their website. It is pricier than I know most people would like to spend at $45.00, but I feel that it is very worth it. It seems I've barely made a dent in it since using it every night for the last three weeks. When it comes to stuff like this, I've found that I'd rather spend a little more than usual to get a quality product that I'm really happy with than spend the same amount trying several different things. I don't feel the same way about most anything else, I'm a major bargain hunter.

And second...

Clinique Stay-Matte Oil Free Makeup

Again, click on the picture to go to Clinique's description of this product.

This is Clinique's new foundation that they just came out with. When I originally switched over to a new foundation, I switched to their then-new Even Better Makeup. Turns out its not better, because apparently a lot of people have had the same problem as me with it not "sticking" to their skin. After I used all of that, I switched to Mary Kay and found that to not be as good of quality. (I do like Mary Kay, just wasn't a fan of their foundation.) When I told the Clinique lady my complaints, she said this will be perfect for me. And it really has! It stays all day long and really does leave my face looking matted. I got their powder at the time, which I use on top, but I would be okay with just the makeup. It just feels like good quality makeup.

So there are the two products that I have been really happy with lately. I haven't branched out to other department store makeup counters much because I've always, with the exception of the Even Better makeup, been really happy with Clinique. Like any other girl, though, I have gone through all of the drug store brands and always regret buying it, again with the exception of my Oil of Olay day moisturizer.

June 11, 2012

Lindsay's Baby Shower

Last weekend I left Kanyon in Welch to finish up planting to head to Abilene with Lauren for a baby shower and visiting friends.

Its getting much harder the longer we're married to be apart even if for a little bit. I don't say that to make you say "aw" but really just a thought on how life changes! I used to be fine with having time all to myself for a little, even look forward to it. Now I dread when Kanyon has to leave for a day or two. It just doesn't feel right. I bore myself.

Anyways. One of my favorite people Lindsay is 29 weeks pregnant and unfortunately living in Indiana at the moment so we never get to see each other! Lindsay and I were in each other's weddings and I love any time I get to spend with her. She's one of those people who just make you feel good when you're around them.

Lauren and I left on Friday night and got there late but still managed to stay up until 2:30 am (wow, that is unheard of for me!) catching up with Linds. The rest of the weekend was spent catching up with friends that I don't get to see often anymore. It was really needed. We stayed with our good friends Shelly and Colby, who I got to spend a lot more time with than I usually do and I loved that. We stay with them every time we come to Abilene but never end up getting to visit with them much because we always feel pulled in so many directions. As the years go by, though, people have moved away and I felt like I could finally spend more time at home with them.

Sunday was the day of the shower and it went great! Lindsay got a lot of great gifts and got to see several people she hasn't seen in a long while because of her move to Indiana. My friends who hosted the shower did such a cute job and had a bumblebee theme.

By the time we stopped visiting and got around to opening gifts, there were less people there but they had a great turnout.

 Lindsay registered for this cute owl storage bin which gave me a cute gift sack to put my stuff in, making me look semi-creative. I appreciate when people help me out in that area :)

 Cute stationary our talented friend Jackie made for Lindsay's thank you's.

 One of the Molly's that inspired Lindsay's baby Molly's name! Lindsay has two very important Molly's in her life and will soon have three! The other was one of the hosts of the shower.

 Pink ruffles. A given!

 Kelly holding the cute romper she gave to baby Molly.

Like I mentioned before, the theme for the shower was bumblebee and the girls did such a cute job with it.

Different types of honey for dipping. 

One of the activities of the shower was decorating a onesie for Molly. They all turned out really cute. 

 The onesie I made. Jackie drew out the Texas for me, I couldn't have done it! The heart is on Abilene, where Lindsay spent several years in college and then on Young Life staff and even got married to Jimmy there. She has a special place in her heart for it. As do I!

Filling up the wall as we go!

The take home goodies were caramelized honey candies. Very good, very sweet.

After the shower, Lauren and I rushed to get our stuff at Shelly and Colby's house and head out of town so we wouldn't be driving back late. Lauren was a host for the shower so she had been rushing around getting ready for it and I knew she was tired. It was a great weekend!

June 4, 2012

Last Weekend

Zeb and I are watching a storm blow in at the moment. Kanyon's pretty sure we got about an inch on his land so far, so that is great! Hopefully the wind blowing doesn't cancel it out by blowing away the fragile cotton.

Last weekend (I guess two weekends ago really) was Dawson's graduation. I didn't get pictures of any of our graduating friends but all of babies! Ha.

Our friends Mason and Megan had their baby boy, Madden, in March while we were on our cruise. He was early by 4 weeks so we were very surprised to get a picture of him as soon as we were back in service range! He is doing great and both Kanyon and I always comment on how happy the two parents are.

And then there's Ainsley Grace who is already 5 months old but probably the size of a newborn. She is so petite like her mama, Kasha. And gorgeous!

And no one can make her laugh like her daddy!

That Sunday, Kanyon and I headed to our friends house for the end of the year Youth Group party for the church I work at, and where I lead a Jr High girl's small group. Becky and Kirk dug a pit with the tractor and filled it with water to make a mud pit! Then they set up a volleyball net but more wrestling than volleyball happened, of course. It was such a blast.


I am loving my new camera, by the way. Its a Canon Powershot Elph 300. Very small but takes great pictures, especially of moving kids and mud flying.