April 16, 2013

Hide Pillows

Kanyon made pillows for our couch and I LOVE  them. Aren't they beautiful? We designed them together.

Catching Up!

Life seems to go by way too fast these days! Brindle turned 5 months a couple weeks ago and I can't believe it. I'm going to be astonished when she turns 6 months. That seems like such a big girl!

Recent milestones include rolling over and over the second we put her on the floor, finding her toes, getting really good with hand-eye coordination, actually liking tummy time for a few minutes, singing all the time (sometimes it sounds more like a Tarzan yell actually), and sleeping longer through the night without eating. She's going about 7 hours now! We had a rough couple months of sleep deprivation all of a sudden so we're hoping this will last. She wasn't crying, just wanted us to put her pacifier back in every hour!

Thankfully our little friend Eli has been giving Zeb some extra play time as he is no longer the baby of the family and trying to get used to it ;)

Happy Easter!

We had a really great and laid back Easter at home. After church, we ate a church potluck lunch (my favorite) and had an Easter egg hunt for all the kids in the yard. We are so thankful for all the kids at our church these days! We took several pictures but of course, I have none of them. Gotta get someone to send one to me.

Recently, Kanyon and I have joined a small group in Lamesa and I have joined a reunion group. Kanyon was already part of one but I hadn't yet joined one. (A reunion group is a Walk to Emmaus' small group - men's or women's - if you don't know what Walk to Emmaus is, basically I joined a women's accountability group.) We have loved it! It makes for a busy end of the week with Kanyon going to his men's group on Thursday morning, us going to our small group on Thursday night, and then Brindle and I going to my group on Friday morning. The best part is that there is a lot of overlap in who is in our groups so we are getting to be even closer to several people.

Ainsley and Brindle having girl time at Reunion Group.

The weekend after Easter, Kanyon and I had our friends Tyler and Lauren out for dinner. I love that we are still close to most of our college group. And Brindle being the first baby in the group is making her spoiled with everyone's attention :)

Brindle is such a sweet and happy girl. I get told at least once a day that she is the smiliest baby someone has ever seen! She'll make anyone feel extra special. Kanyon and I enjoy being her parents so much.

Last weekend, we packed up the car and headed to Granbury for Kanyon's cousin Derek's wedding! I was busy with nieces and nephews the whole time so I didn't get any pictures but it was a beautiful ceremony and reception. Kanyon's aunt Rhnea decorated it and it was stunning! 

Before the wedding, since we had some of the family together, we had a first birthday party for Krae! 

Brindle and Papa Brown

The wedding was an afternoon wedding so we headed half-way home and stayed in Abilene Saturday night to see several friends. 

One of the families we needed to see was the Albus family. If you are familiar with Abilene, you know they own 5D Hats and Leather, where Kanyon worked in college. You probably also know that their shop burned down last fall. It was devastating. Most everything was lost including non-replacable equipment. Saturday night, we met the whole family at the new shop and it is coming along great! They are operational now and are about to start renovations. We are so relieved and excited for them! They were also excited to meet Brindle for the first time.

We stayed with our friends Shelly and Colby and got to see Bryan and Rachel Levrets for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Then we ran by Paige's shop to catch her for a little bit. Brindle got lots of great gifts from her and obviously loved her new bow:

And last but not least, we stopped by to see our friends Kelly and Brandon who had a baby boy, Hudson, a month before Brindle was born and I'd been wanting to meet him so bad!

It was great to see them and catch up a little bit. Brindle was happy to meet Hudson!

Well, Mom is on her way to Welch right now and we are packing up the car again and Brindle, Mom, and I are heading to Denver to go visit my brother tomorrow morning! I am so excited. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures and lots to post about!

I also still need to blog about our recent house projects... I'll do that soon!