February 18, 2013

Pics and Vids

(How generation Y is that post title?)

There's nothing better than being a parent, I've decided. That look they give you first thing when they wake up in the morning or from a nap... that "I'm so happy to see you" look... nothing beats that.

So humor me while I shamelessly share tons of pictures of my current hobby - playing with Brindle.

One night I was trying on some Mary Kay samples and decided Brindle would look great in "Rockin Red" lip gloss, too. She obviously is a natural lip gloss model.

She loves being talked to and is an easy smiler!

When she gets excited she does what I call her excited squirms. She got so excited this time, I decided we were going to have to strap her into the bouncer from now on. She almost squirmed right out of it!

And this outfit just killed me...

And for your viewing pleasure -- a couple of videos. I was going to upload a bath picture but decided you can never be too careful posting stuff on the internet. But its pretty darn cute so ask me to show it to you next time I see you!

And don't worry - I still pay attention to Kanyon! Haha. We have had so much fun together being her mommy and daddy. And look what that guy got me for Valentines... a new oven. YES. The one we've had worked okay but it baked unevenly and I know the temperature was off. This new one is swanky - ceramic cook top and convection oven. Tell him good job next time you see him.

Never mind that two days later, our water heater went out and he felt a little less enthusiastic about having to buy two major appliances in one week...

Hope you had a great Valentines with your loved ones!

February 5, 2013

Bath Time!

(This blog has officially become all about Brindle... ha!)

Brindle loves bath time. Its getting out of the bath that she doesn't like so I have to speedily lotion her up and get clothes on her before she realizes she's cold! I started giving her baths to her in the big tub last week and it is so much easier than it was in the sink and she has room to kick now! Before she just stared at me like this...

Look at those rolls! And that was a couple of weeks ago so she's got even more now.

I never could tell what she thought of it! But now that she can lay down and stretch out, she just kicks and kicks the water and stares at me like "what is this?!?" No laughs yet except reacting to me talking to her. I'm sure when she isn't so confused about what this weird substance is, she'll start cooing about it.

I sent this to Kanyon a couple weeks ago while I was giving her a bath and he was in the leather shop with the caption "save me daddy!"

She loves being wrapped up and warm right after while she talks to her daddy.

February 4, 2013

Deer Season

We had a quick deer season this year since we had a baby girl to get to know in the middle of it! But Kanyon still got a buck that we will get to enjoy for a while. We love finding and trying new venison recipes.

For New Years this year, Kanyon headed down to the deer lease and Brindle and I showed up about the time the sun went down to go and have dinner with the guys. My brother Cole had given Brindle a snow suit and it was perfect for that night since it was so cold. 

It was hysterical seeing her in it - she looked like the Michelin tire man... She couldn't move so she just stayed spread eagle and the legs and arms went about three inches past where her actual arms and legs ended. Ha!

But apparently she loved it because she snoozed the whole time. We took her into the camper at one point to take it off so she'd wake up and not be awake all night but even then she fought waking up. The girl loves to sleep like her mama.

We got on a new lease this year that is in Borden County and only an hour from our house. Its so nice being so close. We are on it with good friends and family too! Kanyon is showing pictures on the memory card from his game camera. High tech hunting.

That picture cracks me up cause all you can see of Brindle is her hat so it looks like he's cradling a cartoon deer baby.

Kanyon sure is looking forward to taking his little girl hunting as soon as she can walk!