September 26, 2012

6 weeks.

I am 6 weeks away from my due date and not close to finishing the nursery at all. But I will show you some progress pics! Actually these are more like teaser pics because they are close up. 

This is currently the only wall decor that I have up since the rest either is not going on the wall or hasn't been made yet. But I'm loving this so far! Makes me feel a little accomplished.

My dad got me that sign. He sang that to me all the time as a little girl and plans on singing it to Brindle! :)

I'm really pumped about this. It is the bedding that went on the twin bed. I'll show you a less zoomed in shot when the bed skirt and the other throw pillows are made and put on there.

The crib bedding... still need a crib mattress and her blanket and then finish accessorizing the canopy.

We are coming to the end of this pregnancy and I couldn't be more excited to meet her and not be pregnant anymore! We went to our third childbirth class last night out of six and I'm so glad we signed up for them. We've learned so much.

I officially go part time at work starting Monday. I'm really relieved to finally have some extra time to finish the nursery, rest, and hopefully get some exercise in. I am so out of shape and need to work up some muscle again in preparation for labor. I'm a little worried about how hard it would be to go through at my current state of weakness ;) I also am on "maternity leave" from teaching my dance class starting next week. I will be sad to not see my little girls every week anymore!

Here is a current shot of what my baby bump looks like (sorry that its in the bathroom at work):

I'm feeling a little more uncomfortable every day with her getting bigger. I feel her in my rib cage a lot more recently and my heartburn has gotten worse. But I am still in high spirits all the time! I wonder if pregnancy gives you endorphins? Just so thankful to have a healthy baby and pregnancy. And Kanyon is so great taking care of me.

I hope you have a great Wednesday! Almost Friday! ;)

September 20, 2012

Dawson Homecoming

Dawson's homecoming was a couple weeks ago and their parade goes right in front of our house! 

Kanyon was driving one of the fire trucks for the parade so I thought I was going to be standing by myself but thankfully some of our family showed up to keep me company! Mama Brown, Aunt Rhnea, and Sena and Addalie and Asher all came over.

I love our small community and that I can know most of the people on these floats. Such a difference between growing up at a large 5A in Houston!

Show me your candy, Asher!

Addalie and Asher went home with lots of loot. Sena said she found Asher one morning in the laundry room stuffing candy in his mouth with the door closed before she even woke up. Kanyon would probably do the same thing if I limited his candy intake. The man loves candy. More than homemade cookies or cake!!! I don't get it.

September 19, 2012

Weekend in Houston

Kanyon and I flew down to Houston a couple weekends ago (can't believe its taken me this long to write this post) for a weekend of celebrating! We had Brindle's baby shower, Dad and Kanyon's birthdays, Dad's ordination to an elder at church, and a family friend's wedding! It was a whirlwind of a weekend and also my last weekend to travel anywhere before the due date! 

When we got there Friday night, it was after a long day of work and racing to Midland to catch our flight, and the flight itself. Mom made a really great dinner, of course, and invited some of my favorite people over - Kalum and Ashley. I don't have a single picture of that night because it was something we do all the time but I wish I did. Plus I was pooped. A recurring theme these days.

Saturday, Mom had booked me a pregnancy massage. Oh my goodness. It was so wonderful. If you live in Houston and need a great massage, please ask my mom or dad who they use because she is awesome. One of the best massages I've ever had. I'm even thinking about continuing to get the pregnancy massage when I'm not even pregnant because it felt so good. I laid on my side hugging a body pillow and thought "I don't think I've been this comfortable laying down since I've been pregnant. I have to find out where she got this pillow!" And lucky me - she gave it to me after my session! She also gave me a free quick adjustment because she is in chiropractic school and a massage ball to keep. Seriously can't say enough good things about that session. And the bed! Ok, I'll stop.

After that, it was home to hang out with my best friend Rachel who lives in Houston, too, and get ready for my baby shower!

My baby shower was at Starla's house, a close family friend and was hosted by several awesome ladies I love. I'll let the pictures show the decorations... because I'm too tired to think too much right now.

The decorations were so pretty - a burlap and lace theme with lots of pink! I stole one of the mason jar candles to put in Brindle's room back home.

My hostesses were Starla Jones, Susan Hayes, LeAnne Robbins, Diana Wisdom, Ashley Tuggle, Jolene Curtis, and Robin Mitchell (who was not able to make it to the shower itself). All these women are very special to me!

And of course, a shot with the Nana and Grandma (at least thats what we think Mom will be called...)

And then I got showered with so many gifts, it was unbelievable. People have been so generous to me and Kanyon! Rachel helped me out by writing down all of the gifts and their givers.

I had two wonderful helpers in my nieces, Ava and Micah, for opening all the presents :) There were so many people at the shower, too, I couldn't believe it!

Diana holding my nephew, Preston, who is clearly just chillin. 

And all the presents on the table afterwards... somehow we managed (when I say we, I mean not including me...) to fit them all in my sister-in-law's car for Vaughn to drive back to Welch.

It was such a great shower and I can't tell you how grateful I am to have so many people want to give Brindle and Kanyon and I gifts. It is so humbling. 

After the shower, Kyla and my nieces and nephew came over to my mom's house because I was still needing to spend some time with them! And Kanyon hadn't gotten to see them at all. Kanyon chased the girls around the house while I was lazy on the couch snuggling with Preston.

That night, we went to dinner for Kanyon and Dad's birthday at Pappa's Seafood and had Mom's chocolate sheet cake - the best cake ever made. We all have her make it for our birthdays. Among other things, Kanyon got some hunting gear and Dad got some ammo for his new gun so we had a theme this year for their birthday.

Sunday morning, we were very honored to stand up front with my dad and mom and the other families of the elders being ordained. Mom and Dad's minister, Mark, did a great job with the ceremony. After church, we had a quick lunch with Rachel and then headed to the wedding across town.

Carli and I grew up together and she married a great guy who I knew back in high school, as well. They didn't know each other until her brother married his cousin last year! It was a beautiful and fun wedding!

The next morning, we caught an early flight out to Midland and I was back at work by 1:00! Like I said - a whirlwind of a weekend!

September 13, 2012

Kanyon is 26!

I cannot believe we are in our mid-20's. I feel like I was 18 just a couple years ago! 

Vaughn made Kanyon a very yummy red velvet cake yesterday, which we celebrated at church. We had a great weekend in Houston last weekend where we celebrated Kanyon's and my dad's birthday, too! And I think we are going out to eat in Lubbock this weekend for it so Kanyon is having more of a birthday week! 

September 7, 2012

A couple weeks as told by my iPhone photo album.

Wow, this is a major cop-out post. But I can't really unfog my brain right now. Its been a crazy week at work. One of those where I have worked through lunch most days and I actually had to school myself in using Photoshop. Have you ever tried to do that? Its like your brain's been in a blender for Bible majors (as in, NO, I have never used Photoshop) like me.

Tonight, Kanyon and I rush to Midland after I get off work and head to Houston! I'm so excited. We have lots to celebrate there like Kanyon and Dad's birthdays, a baby shower for Brindle (!), and a close family friend's wedding. I'm super excited. My head's starting to spin a little bit already, though, with all the people and events we'll have going on.

So the last couple weeks have seen some progress on the nursery! Nothing has really been installed yet but its been bought and is in a box waiting or is being shipped. Such as a lace canopy for the crib, curtains, and an upholstered glider. Kanyon also bought a beautiful twin sleigh bed a couple weeks ago at an estate sale that he just went to to help a friend load his purchases. He got it for a steal and its brand new. It will be nice to have for her "big girl bed" later on. But that is so weird to think about having a toddler that I'm just calling it another guest bed. I'm thinking ahead to Christmas when Landon usually stays in that room when our big family all comes into town. I'm sure he won't mind getting up with the baby all night for me, right? We love having people come visit so we like having lots of places for them to sleep.

Ok, some pictures...

I really need to find a good place to take baby bump pictures but my work's bathroom will have to work for now. I took this last week to send to my brother. I'm about 32 weeks right now. That just makes me freak out a little bit.

Some recent purchases for the nursery... bumper pads, my diaper bag that I kinda want to make my purse already, and the glider.

As far as her bedding, I didn't pick out a set or anything. I had this image in my head of cream and tans and different fabrics and textures with a couple cute colorful pillows. So I've kind of been making it up as we go. Which makes it really easy for people like my mothers who are trying to help me create it. Sorry, y'all...

I got a gift card for my high chair from several of my cousins and that weekend it went on sale for about $30 off and free shipping online so I snagged it and had extra money on the card to spend. I knew this was what I wanted to use it on immediately. I couldn't find it anywhere online, even Target where I got it, so I was scared it was going to be gone.

My awesome glider! I love it. Vaughn and I found it at Kidspace in Lubbock. I'd been scouring the internet for weeks trying to find a good quality upholstered glider at a good price and in an attractive fabric. Not much luck there since when I would find one at a good price, it'd be at a website that I wasn't sure about and was not interested in paying shipping for an item I may not like. So this was super exciting to find. Why, you may ask, did I not just go look at furniture stores to begin with? Because I live an hour away from the nearest children's store, so there. I know, I know, I could have saved myself some frustration.

This is the fabric I chose. NO. Its not green. My phone would not register the right color at the store for some reason. Its a really pretty brown - called Taupe. I couldn't decide between this fabric or a linen fabric that looked like burlap. In the end, this was a little cheaper and much softer. Sold. Can't wait for it to come in!

And last but not least... pictures of a couple of my nephews and nieces! I get to see this boy in a couple days! This is Preston.

And this is Addalie, who I get to see all the time (YAY!) since Sena and Daniel moved to Lamesa. One of the best things ever that has ever happened to me. Addalie cracked me up one night at a church block party when she was sunbathing on the bounce house.

I have a new honorary nephew that I would love to show pictures of because he is gorgeous but his momma hasn't posted any pictures of him on the internet yet and, of course, I want her to be the first one to do it. But you can catch me scrolling through my "Magnus" album on my iPhone all the time, dying to see him in person.

Magnus's mom is Ali, who was my brother and I's babysitter growing up and basically our older sister. She and her parents are originally from the UK and they all live there now. Mom gets to go see Magnus in April and I'm still undecided about when I can finally get over there to meet him! I figured I should try and wait to book a flight until after I have Brindle... though I'm squirming to book them yesterday.

Anyway, I am going to get a little more work done before I head out to meet Kanyon and head to the airport. Have a great weekend! I know I will!