Our Home

One of my favorite things about the blog world is taking virtual tours of people's homes and seeing before & afters! So even though this is no where near a design blog, I thought there might be some people like me that would be interested to see our home! I dont have a lot of before pictures since technically I didn't see a lot of the before. Kanyon got the house a couple weeks before the wedding and we were in wedding mode and didn't even think about it! I'll share what I do have though.

The Exterior of the House 


Orange trim, ugly metal scroll-y posts on the porch, orange paint on the
brick wall under the window...



New metal cream trim and soffet installed, some minor landscaping of the front flowerbed,
metal posts removed from the porch, bushes have grown to cover most of the orange!
Still lots to do but we're excited about the progress.


We plan to replace that outdoor light (hung upside down by the previous owners??), replace the porch completely with no orange paint, and add some interest to the porch. Maybe a bench or chair?

Not much done on the back yard, just a little landscaping in that corner below.
We are waiting a little bit to finish out that flower bed till we decide on the parameters of the deck.
Our grass has grown in since this was taken a lot.

 Interior of the House
Living Room

For some perspective, here's how the living room and kitchen attach.



I really wish I had taken more before pictures because Kalith (my father in law) and Kanyon worked so hard and did such a good job to transform this kitchen.

It had green and yellow (not joking) countertops and backsplash. Part of the countertop had never been installed.. just laid on top! The bar jutted out awkwardly from the counter and there was only about 10-12 inches of space between countertops and cabinets. The windows and appliances were in bad shape.. dirty dirty dirty.

These are more like "during" shots than before but it will give you a little idea.



Our Bedroom

Our Bathroom

Guest Bedroom

Guest Bathroom


Laundry Room

Well, that is our home! We are proud of what we have been given and what we have done with it. There is lots more to do but then again, there always will be, I'm sure!