June 27, 2013

Brindle Boo

I've been terrible at updating the blog lately. I now know why my sister-in-laws always have trouble updating theirs. Because kids don't like your attention being away from them!

So Brindle is turning 8 months old next week and I am yet to post some of her 6 month pictures! I've had them on Facebook for a while so everyone that reads this has probably already seen them but just in case...

 Notice the Wrangler diaper cover :)

They turned out so beautifully! Ashley Kerby is our photographer. She is wonderful!

Brindle's personality has really been showing up the last month or so. She has become so spirited! She has a smile for everyone. She's always making noise - Dada, Papa, and Mama are her favorite words but there's a good amount of just regular "aaaaaah" too. She likes to hear her own voice and loves to make us laugh. She's getting up on her hands and knees and rocking a fair bit. She hasn't cut any teeth yet even though I've thought for months now that they were coming soon! She has a strong personality like both her mom and dad. She is a busy girl moving around the room, scooting backwards and touching (and tasting) everything in reach. She loves Zeb!

I can't believe how much she has grown! Being a mom is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Cole says being an uncle is the best thing ever but I assured him that being a dad will be a million times even better. What has surprised me the most is how easy it is - in the sense that it has come naturally - not that there are not hard parts. We find ourselves doing the most ridiculous things just to see her smile and laugh, and she never makes us work long for it. I had to start putting Aquaphor on her cheeks because they were drying out from me constantly kissing them.