June 4, 2012

Last Weekend

Zeb and I are watching a storm blow in at the moment. Kanyon's pretty sure we got about an inch on his land so far, so that is great! Hopefully the wind blowing doesn't cancel it out by blowing away the fragile cotton.

Last weekend (I guess two weekends ago really) was Dawson's graduation. I didn't get pictures of any of our graduating friends but all of babies! Ha.

Our friends Mason and Megan had their baby boy, Madden, in March while we were on our cruise. He was early by 4 weeks so we were very surprised to get a picture of him as soon as we were back in service range! He is doing great and both Kanyon and I always comment on how happy the two parents are.

And then there's Ainsley Grace who is already 5 months old but probably the size of a newborn. She is so petite like her mama, Kasha. And gorgeous!

And no one can make her laugh like her daddy!

That Sunday, Kanyon and I headed to our friends house for the end of the year Youth Group party for the church I work at, and where I lead a Jr High girl's small group. Becky and Kirk dug a pit with the tractor and filled it with water to make a mud pit! Then they set up a volleyball net but more wrestling than volleyball happened, of course. It was such a blast.


I am loving my new camera, by the way. Its a Canon Powershot Elph 300. Very small but takes great pictures, especially of moving kids and mud flying.

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