July 25, 2012

Bryan and Rachel's Wedding

I feel like I have lots to blog about but not much time to do it - like nursery plans, farming updates, starting my Mary Kay business... Maybe tomorrow I will have a chance!

Kanyon's and I's good friend Bryan got married last weekend. Bryan was a Young Life leader with Kanyon and I in college. He is so much fun and loves Jesus and showing Jesus to kids. He is on Young Life staff as an Area Director in Fort Worth. Rachel, his new wife, is a junior high teacher. They met through mutual friends. They are quite a pair - both sincere and great people. And they have the same sarcastic sense of humor. Not many women could keep up with Bryan but she does it perfectly.

The rehearsal dinner was at the Young Life building in Lubbock, where she is from. Very convenient for us - thanks, guys! It was a great night of toasts and then the huge wedding party all hanging out together at the hotel after. We ended up staying the night in Lubbock, Kanyon at the hotel with the groomsmen and me at a friend's house whose husband was also a groomsman. Lubbock lost power for a few hours that night, making it a hot night, meaning no one slept much the night before the wedding.

The next morning, I headed home for a bridal shower I wanted to attend in Brownfield and then turned around and came back to Lubbock after changing into my wedding outfit. The wedding was so sweet. Our friend Jace Thompson was the officiant, who is also on Young Life staff in Forth Worth. He did a great job making it so personal and engaging the audience. It was at First Christian Church.

The reception was at the Lubbock Country Club. The decor was so pretty! I didn't take many pictures but I got a couple to remember how she decorated.

 Pretty summer flowers with lots of rustic and vintage accents.

Squeezing myself into this non-maternity dress was real fun at 24 weeks but I managed to make it through the whole night! I thought Kanyon looked handsome in his suit. Love those suspenders :)

We finally got a picture with the bride and groom at the end of the night right before they were walking out the door. Kanyon and I look pretty tired, huh?

 Running out the door!

It was such a fun weekend! We knew a lot of Bryan's groomsmen and their wives or girlfriends from college making it a fun reunion, but boy were we glad to get into bed Saturday night! 

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