May 25, 2013

Brindle's Nursery

I am finally uploading pictures of the house! The "Our Home" page is now updated. Gotta upload more of the kitchen, though.


For Brindle's room, I decided to go with a sherberty orangey pinkish color. I painted the ceiling and walls in a couple of days and the rest of the room kind of came to me after that. I love turquoise so I added a little turquoise here and there.

The room is pretty crowded but it was necessary in order to have the twin bed in there that we got for her. I'd love to have more room but I like having the twin in there more, so it will do! There's enough floor space, so its okay. 

I wanted to go with a burlap-and-lace theme but it ended up a linen-and-lace theme because burlap is too hard to sew with (not that I sew...). I had a lot of help in this room implementing my ideas. Mama Brown sewed the amazing curtains, Aunt Rhnea made the gorgeous lace canopy, Mom had the linen bed and crib skirt made, Vaughn helped me paint and pick out the rocker, and Cole helped me sand and paint the furniture. I love how it turned out!

With my affinity for re-arranging furniture, though, who knows how long it will stay like this? (Seriously, though, these pictures are making me want to change it up a bit.)

Come visit her sometime!


  1. I just keep looking at everything you did with Brindles it!! Love the canopy, that side table, the bedding...and the cutest thing of all is that little doll sitting on the changing table. Miss her!!

  2. Beautiful nursery Erika! I love those curtains!