September 18, 2013

Fall is finally here!

I would update the blog with all the pictures and details of what all we did in August and September so far, but that just overwhelms me! So I'll just touch on the high points.

In early August, Brindle and I flew to Houston for a few days with my mom while Dad was in Denver visiting my brother. We had a great time visiting a lot of friends and Kanyon's sister, Kyla, and her family. We went to the beach and Brindle loved it!

She's only ten months old and she's already made two round trip plane rides! That's her momma's girl.

The week after that, we drove to Kerrville for the weekend for a little family reunion. And we did some more swimming in the river that Brindle loved! We've got a fish on our hands.

She is so ready for us to let her go in that water. She squealed and clapped the whole time. We had such a great time with the cousins!

A couple weeks after that, I had the pleasure of watching one of my best friends, Lauren, get engaged!

 It was so exciting and I'm so happy for you, Lauren!

Brindle had her 9 month well check later in the month and we found out that she is 17 lbs, 4 oz and 27.5 inches, which put her into about the 25th percentile. Still no teeth! She is a petite thing, still wearing only size 1 shoes! She is an active little girl, very alert and into everything. She's pulling up on everything and I'm sure its only a matter of days before she starts walking.

We are going through a rough phase right now where she is waking up in the middle of night again and we find her standing and talking and playing. I'm told that its normal when they go through a big developmental stage, like pulling up, but I'm ready for it to pass!

The cotton is looking good and Kanyon is ready to start turning off the irrigation systems. Harvest will be here before we know it!

Our little girl is so much fun and we love being her parents. She's become such a daddy's girl lately and I love seeing the two of them together. She hates to see him walk out the door anymore!

This last picture is hard for me to look at - she looks like such a little girl and not a baby in it! I keep telling myself its just a trick of the light or something.

We got some good rain this week and my parents are coming this weekend. Its a great week!

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