March 28, 2014

Brindle's First Birthday Party

Brindle's birthday fell on a Monday before I was supposed to work a Walk to Emmaus Thursday through Sunday. Mom was going to come up and keep B for me during the Walk so I decided to have the party on Wednesday afternoon so that she could be there. It actually worked out good because having it at lunch meant I had time to clean up and finish packing that night. And then we had another party at church that night! Brindle likes to extend her birthday like I do ;)

I decided to do a "little Indian" party. Native American stuff is big right now so I knew I'd have a lot of inspiration to look at. I went pretty simple, though.

I had been really wanting to buy Brindle a teepee for her first birthday but have you ever looked at how much those cost?? Close to $150 for a decent one. No, thanks. So I found a tutorial online on how to make one and Kanyon said we could do it. We finished it at midnight the night before but we loved how it turned out. We're keeping it in storage for some fun sleepovers in the future since it was way too big to stay out all the time. We don't have a playroom so maybe if we do in the future, we can.

I made a white chocolate two-layer cake with lemon buttercream frosting. I really have no idea why I chose that except that she had lemon ice once and loved it. It turned out really good!

She wasn't so sure about making a big mess, especially with everyone staring at her...

I think Kanyon ate more of her little cake than she did.

I decorated with fringe banners in the kitchen, they turned out so cute! And so easy to make.

We had lots of friends and family there to celebrate with us!

Brindle got lots of great presents, too. Here she is sitting in her present from Nana and Papa (Kanyon's parents)... unsure of where to put her hands because of the tutu :)

She loves that chair... Grandma and Poppy (my parents) got her a beautiful play kitchen that is a big hit with her and all the kids that come over.

It was a great day celebrating her first birthday!

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