September 26, 2012

6 weeks.

I am 6 weeks away from my due date and not close to finishing the nursery at all. But I will show you some progress pics! Actually these are more like teaser pics because they are close up. 

This is currently the only wall decor that I have up since the rest either is not going on the wall or hasn't been made yet. But I'm loving this so far! Makes me feel a little accomplished.

My dad got me that sign. He sang that to me all the time as a little girl and plans on singing it to Brindle! :)

I'm really pumped about this. It is the bedding that went on the twin bed. I'll show you a less zoomed in shot when the bed skirt and the other throw pillows are made and put on there.

The crib bedding... still need a crib mattress and her blanket and then finish accessorizing the canopy.

We are coming to the end of this pregnancy and I couldn't be more excited to meet her and not be pregnant anymore! We went to our third childbirth class last night out of six and I'm so glad we signed up for them. We've learned so much.

I officially go part time at work starting Monday. I'm really relieved to finally have some extra time to finish the nursery, rest, and hopefully get some exercise in. I am so out of shape and need to work up some muscle again in preparation for labor. I'm a little worried about how hard it would be to go through at my current state of weakness ;) I also am on "maternity leave" from teaching my dance class starting next week. I will be sad to not see my little girls every week anymore!

Here is a current shot of what my baby bump looks like (sorry that its in the bathroom at work):

I'm feeling a little more uncomfortable every day with her getting bigger. I feel her in my rib cage a lot more recently and my heartburn has gotten worse. But I am still in high spirits all the time! I wonder if pregnancy gives you endorphins? Just so thankful to have a healthy baby and pregnancy. And Kanyon is so great taking care of me.

I hope you have a great Wednesday! Almost Friday! ;)


  1. It looks great! I love the wall and all the books! I have some more for you that were yours as a baby that I have found...I'm so glad I have saved as much as I have:)

  2. You look SO SO cute!! I love what you've done with the nursery so far. I'm getting so excited!! Sorry I don't have Brindle's letter ready yet. I'm trying!!