September 20, 2012

Dawson Homecoming

Dawson's homecoming was a couple weeks ago and their parade goes right in front of our house! 

Kanyon was driving one of the fire trucks for the parade so I thought I was going to be standing by myself but thankfully some of our family showed up to keep me company! Mama Brown, Aunt Rhnea, and Sena and Addalie and Asher all came over.

I love our small community and that I can know most of the people on these floats. Such a difference between growing up at a large 5A in Houston!

Show me your candy, Asher!

Addalie and Asher went home with lots of loot. Sena said she found Asher one morning in the laundry room stuffing candy in his mouth with the door closed before she even woke up. Kanyon would probably do the same thing if I limited his candy intake. The man loves candy. More than homemade cookies or cake!!! I don't get it.

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