December 16, 2012

Brindle's First Week

Every time I sit down to write a post, I don't know where to start! Brindle is 6 weeks old today which means its been a little over 3 weeks since I've posted. Sorry about that! I could say I haven't had time but really I just haven't made time, to be honest! I'd much rather hold and talk to Brindle ;) But I guess its time for me to share her!

Motherhood is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I love it! My whole pregnancy, I would try to imagine what it would be like to have a daughter but never got far. The best I could imagine is how I feel about some kids in my life that I'm close to. Wow, it is completely different than that. I'm completely amazed by her every move, every sound, every funny face she makes. Its not just that I love her, I adore her! 

The first two weeks, my mom was here and Kanyon was in the middle of harvest. Those couple of weeks with my mom and Brindle and Kanyon will always be one of my favorite memories as we met and learned our daughter. Mom says she was taking care of me while I took care of Brindle, though she did a lot of taking care of Brindle, too :) She cooked and cleaned and helped me learn how to take care of Brindle. It was the first time we had gotten to spend that much time together probably since I graduated high school and I was so sad when she had to go home. 

Our girl was so little (6 lb, 3 oz) that we had to dress her in premie clothes the first few days we were home. But she is also a great eater... so that only lasted a few days!

She also smiled from the second day in the hospital!

Our second day home, Thursday, we had to go back to Lubbock to go to the doctor's office. She really didn't mind it at all but of course by the time I got my camera out, she started to not like it. But right after she recorded her height, I wrapped her back up and she was fine.

We were happy to find out that she had gotten back up to her birth weight, 6 lb 10 oz. And everything else looked great! The doctor did recommend we let her sit in the sunlight a little bit just to get a tiny bit of jaundice that he saw out. So we did just that when we got home...

And she loved it! She laid there and kicked and kicked! Zeb came and watched her for a little while. I wonder what he thought of her?

Other than that, we spent lots of time talking and holding her! She is a very happy girl, easily content and loves to be talked to.

She gets lot of time talking to Nana and Papa and FaceTiming with Grandma and Papa (my dad's name still TBD...)

I look pretty tired there :) All these pictures are from her first week. I will try and be much better at posting now on! (No promises...)

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  1. Oh my..she looks so little in these pics! It was an awesome 3 weeks together for sure!