January 4, 2013

Brindle's Newborns

Ok, I am way behind. But I didn't have to tell y'all that...

Now that I'm back at work part-time, maybe lunch breaks will be my designated blog time. I have billions of pictures and so much to write about! Brindle turns 2 months old today and I am back to work. Vaughn will watch her most of the time I'm at work but I'm able to take her up here with me if I need and she's sitting on my couch in my office right now.

First though, I have to show you Brindle's newborn pictures! They turned out so great.

Love that little girl :)


  1. the pics are awesome! and you and aunt penny look beautiful :)
    happy 2 months to brindle!

  2. gah! she's so precious!! we should meet in midland some time for lunch, I'll wrap it into seeing my sis-in-law's house!!!

    p.s. consider yourself lucky if you didn't get peed on the whole time she was without a diaper in those photos!

    1. That sounds great! Let me know when!!