February 4, 2013

Deer Season

We had a quick deer season this year since we had a baby girl to get to know in the middle of it! But Kanyon still got a buck that we will get to enjoy for a while. We love finding and trying new venison recipes.

For New Years this year, Kanyon headed down to the deer lease and Brindle and I showed up about the time the sun went down to go and have dinner with the guys. My brother Cole had given Brindle a snow suit and it was perfect for that night since it was so cold. 

It was hysterical seeing her in it - she looked like the Michelin tire man... She couldn't move so she just stayed spread eagle and the legs and arms went about three inches past where her actual arms and legs ended. Ha!

But apparently she loved it because she snoozed the whole time. We took her into the camper at one point to take it off so she'd wake up and not be awake all night but even then she fought waking up. The girl loves to sleep like her mama.

We got on a new lease this year that is in Borden County and only an hour from our house. Its so nice being so close. We are on it with good friends and family too! Kanyon is showing pictures on the memory card from his game camera. High tech hunting.

That picture cracks me up cause all you can see of Brindle is her hat so it looks like he's cradling a cartoon deer baby.

Kanyon sure is looking forward to taking his little girl hunting as soon as she can walk!

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