February 5, 2013

Bath Time!

(This blog has officially become all about Brindle... ha!)

Brindle loves bath time. Its getting out of the bath that she doesn't like so I have to speedily lotion her up and get clothes on her before she realizes she's cold! I started giving her baths to her in the big tub last week and it is so much easier than it was in the sink and she has room to kick now! Before she just stared at me like this...

Look at those rolls! And that was a couple of weeks ago so she's got even more now.

I never could tell what she thought of it! But now that she can lay down and stretch out, she just kicks and kicks the water and stares at me like "what is this?!?" No laughs yet except reacting to me talking to her. I'm sure when she isn't so confused about what this weird substance is, she'll start cooing about it.

I sent this to Kanyon a couple weeks ago while I was giving her a bath and he was in the leather shop with the caption "save me daddy!"

She loves being wrapped up and warm right after while she talks to her daddy.

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  1. Oh my goodness! She is such a cute little buttercup! I love her!