February 27, 2012


Al and Kasha bought some land a while back in Girard, TX, and have been working on it a lot. Its a beautiful piece of land east of Lubbock and Kanyon and I went two weekends ago to spend a couple days there.

We got there late on Friday night and the next morning was a cold and drizzly day. But not too cold. We enjoyed the weather after going so long without moisture this year!

Al has worked really hard up here making the land how he wants. He has removed every trace of trash and has cleaned up everything. He cleared that field (you can see the start of it where its really green with wheat) of trees and has been creating roads and leveling to put a fence on the borders. He has a few deer stands and feeders as well.

They built a porch last year onto their fifth wheel. Makes for a cozy little home.

These two were frenemies the whole weekend. One minute, they'd be playing and then next fighting. Boys!

Tac likes holding his sister but tends to get a little rough. Check out her face... "You're leaving me with him?"

Not quite able to sit up yet!

Ainsley turned two months old that weekend!

We walked around the property a lot. Its a beautiful place with lots of room. The creek is pretty and the dogs thought it was a lot of fun! Zeb has never swam in anything before and the first couple times he walked off the edge into the water without realizing he wouldn't be able to touch was hilarious to watch his alarm! But soon after that, he came flying past us and jumped as high as he could into the water! I would have loved to get a picture of it.

 Kasha in her get-up :) I think she pulls it off nicely. (At least I didn't post it on Facebook, Kasha!)

Driving around with his Poppy.

Its a dog's life.

Working hard in his cover-alls.

 It was a great weekend!

This weekend, I finally got the laundry room finished painting! Three weeks later. But its done now!
Next up - painting cabinets.

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  1. Looks like fun...reminds me of our weekends at the lake growing up. Enjoy!