February 20, 2012


Last week was a bittersweet time where we looked back on old pictures of Grandma and through her things. We laughed a lot! Grandma kept several things, such as her grade school report cards, notebooks with random notes in them, even a list of all the boys she had ever dated!

On Wednesday, mom, Emily, and I went up to the funeral home to pick out pictures that would be in the slide show.  It was fun to go through pictures.

 Wasn't she beautiful?
(Now is where I should mention there were 101 boys on the list of "Boys I Have Dated"!!)

 These are her parents. Her father was a farmer - dairy and cotton.
After I got married, I would mention to Grandma that Kanyon was a cotton farmer and she'd always go "did you know that I grew up on a farm?!" :) 

 This is how I will always remember Grandma. Even in the last few years when she lost so much weight, I still pictured her like this. Making us waffles in her 1970's style kitchen.

 Grandma and my Papa. He passed away in 1996. We mentioned several times last week how excited it made us to think of their reunion in heaven! Grandma called him the rose in her bouquet, if I remember correctly.
I love Papa's glasses. They always reminded me of Mr. Magoo glasses, magnifying his eyes!

 My dad with his mother-in-law, my Grandma. Sweet jeans, Dad!

Grandma and Papa with their two daughters and families. 

I think it was Emily that said she loved this picture because it portrays Mom and Aunt Jenny's 90's style :) I have a picture of Em that Sara sent me where Emily is wearing that yellow and black plaid jacket last week. You're welcome, Em, for not posting it :)

I hope you have a great week!


  1. This made me so happy! Thank you for posting all those wonderful pictures! It brought back many memories. Her Sherried Beef recipe is one of my family's favorites! Our first and only fold-out couch was hers! She raised one of my favorite people in the whole wide world!! Blessings to you sweet Erika, I just found out yesterday.

  2. I hope and pray I can live into her legacy. She was one of the finest women God ever made. I only wish you had more time with her. One day... Thanks for posting some great pictures of her. You are more like her than you know....except you didn't have 101 boyfriends:)