March 25, 2012

Back at Work

I wrote this post the beginning of this week and never got around to adding the pictures! So here I am finally posting it.


Clearly I took a break from blogging and didn't know it since its been almost two weeks since I've blogged. We had a lot going on and then not a lot going on so I guess there's my excuse?

Since the last time I blogged was the 7th, a Wednesday, I'll start with the day after, which was when my Mom (and dad the next day) came into town! Mom's birthday is March 9th, so she wanted to come see me for it. On Thursday, Kanyon and I picked her up and went out to eat in Midland. We were supposed to be meeting up with a couple of friends but neither of them ended up being able to come. But we ate good regardless!

Friday, Mom came and hung out with me at work a little and then my office closed a little early. So we came home and decided to go and visit Kanyon's mom's house. Kanyon's sister, Jada and her husband Nick and their kids were in town for Grandad's birthday. And another of Kanyon's sisters, Sena and her husband and kids are living with Kanyon's parents while waiting for their contract to go through on their house in Lamesa. So there were a lot of people there to go visit. While there, I made a cheesecake for Mom's birthday. It was a chocolate and regular flavored swirled cheesecake with a chocolate ganache frosting. Vaughn made it for my birthday in January and I wanted to make it again! We planned on eating it that night after Mom's birthday dinner. Well that didn't work out because Dad's plane got delayed and he didn't get in until 11:00 or so. But don't worry, we cut into that cake real quick and then headed for bed!

Saturday, we went to Grandad's 80th birthday party! It was a great party with lots of food and lots of people who came out to celebrate. There were several sweet toasts from family and we were all thankful to be able to show Grandad how much we love him.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with family and relaxing and then finally having Mom's birthday dinner and Vaughn and Kalith came over after for birthday cake!

The next day at church, Nick, Jada's husband, preached and he did such a great job. I've never heard him speak like that and it was really good. 

And then that afternoon, we had a birthday party for Addalie! Addalie is Sena's daughter who turned three this week. Sena had a cute ice cream themed party for the kids and then they rode horses that afternoon.

See those ice cream cones on the table? Sena baked red velvet cake inside them and put icing on top to make them look like ice cream! And the kids each got their own ice cream bowl to put actual ice cream in them.

Asher enjoying birthday cake, with both cake and his pacifier in his mouth!

Mom snuggling with Ainsley Grayce, who started smiling this week!

Mama Brown, Daresa, and Cory!

Al and my dad chatting.

Some swing time outside.

The kids love riding the horses at Nana and Papa's!

After the party, my parents had to head to the airport so we said our goodbyes to them. The next week was a little uneventful. I only had to work Monday and Tuesday! So Wednesday through Sunday, I just tried to catch up on some sleep and some housekeeping. On Friday, I drove to Midland to have lunch and hang out with my friend Lauren which was the highlight of my week! Saturday and Sunday, I didn't feel great though. I think I may have caught the cold going around : /

Have a great rest of the week!

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