August 16, 2012

Catch Up

I have been a bad blogger lately... lots to write about but not much energy to do it! I had my first baby shower last weekend and I have lots of pictures to show for it but first I think I need a random filling in post.

In recent news, I hit my third trimester this week! I'm a little confused on exactly how far along I am, though. My doctor says I'm 28 and a half but I thought I was in my 27th week. I'll glad take his word for it, though. I'd much rather be further along.

I think I experienced my first day of third trimester fatigue yesterday. I felt like I had been drugged all day and couldn't snap out of it. When I got home from work, I crashed on the couch and couldn't get up for church. Thank you, Mom, for making meals and putting them in the freezer for me because it would have been slim pickins otherwise. 

The nursery renovation has finally begun! We moved all the furniture out that we weren't using and put together all the furniture we were. My mom saved the crib and dresser/changing table that were mine and we are going to use it for Brindle. We also have a twin bed in there in case we ever need more sleeping room.  Other than those pieces, all we have left to get is the glider, which Kalith and Vaughn have generously told us they would buy for us!

We painted a couple weekends ago and we love how it turned out. I am not a big pink person for decorating so I went with a salmon-pink color. But not on the walls, on the ceiling! We painted the walls a tan. This is not a great picture, I know. But it was the best way for me to show how they look together with the white trim. The two doors are the closets.

There is still some updates that we are going to do like changing out the doorknobs (this actually finally got us to replace all our doorknobs with oil-rubbed-bronze matching knobs) and replacing the fan. I wish I could take a picture of the completely stupid placement of the fan in the room. I'll take a picture of its ridiculousness for you later.

As far as the "theme" of the room, I am going with a rustic country feminine theme... with lots of creams and white and turquoise to go with the salmon pink. I don't have anything nailed down yet but I'm going to use some burlap and lace and lots of fabric flowers.

Another change that's got me super happy is our new kitchen table!

You may also notice that those are new curtains that Vaughn and I made from a Pottery Barn king size duvet. I still need to figure out what to do with those chairs and I am leaving a space on the side for the high chair (that I got at the shower this weekend - yay!). The table is from World Market and has a beautiful hammered top. I'm also excited about the bench. I figured up we could seat 11 people plus Brindle in our kitchen with the bar! The table has a much bigger and impressive presence in our kitchen. I plan on painting the trim the same color the cabinets are so it won't be so stark white next to the yellow and have some sort of table setting out. When? I don't know. Hopefully soon. I really need to update my house tour page altogether.

Another also - I mentioned a while back that I started a Mary Kay business. I have really enjoyed it so far! It started out me wanting to support my friend Kellye who had started selling it by having her come do a facial on me and booking a party. After my facial, I was really loving how my face felt so much better. I had mentioned in a post a while back how I had started using Clinique's Turnaround Overnight and loved it. I was equally happy if not more with how Mary Kay felt and I really was not expecting that since I had been to a MK facial party and experienced it before. The only thing I can think of is that the first time I tried it, it was soon after I had moved to Welch and my skin hadn't freaked out from the dryness yet. I was open to talking to Kellye and her director about potentially selling it and after a few weeks of really doing my research on the company and earning potential, I decided yes, I would. And I'm really liking it. The company is great to work with (I didn't say for because you really are your own boss) and the products are so easy to sell because they are high quality and affordable. Anyway, just wanted to update everyone on that. If you're interested in looking at my website, its Not to mention, its really fun to wear "big girl" makeup instead of the drug store cheap stuff. Except now I get it at a discount about the same price as drug store. :)

What else, what else? As far as Kanyon's farming, people have been asking a lot how its going this summer. I'd say its better than last summer for sure. We still really need rain but we have gotten a little here and there and thats better than the nothing we got last year. Kanyon said he wanted to take me out and show me both his new land with better water and his land that he's had to compare, so when he does, I'll take pictures.

Alright, I'll be done for now.

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  1. Definitely loving my skin feels wonderful after a treatment and your skin looks a pic from the cousin dinner..I love the salmon ceiling...I am going to redo cole's room and use a similar paint treatment...not pink or salmon though...