August 30, 2012

We like girls in this family.

Not that we don't like boys... Cole is definitely adored. But as the only boy on both sides of my family in our generation, he'd agree that he's outnumbered.

Saturday night of the weekend of my baby shower in Oklahoma, my mom and aunt and their girls went out for dinner. Nothing too eventful but had to take pictures, of course!

(P.S. these pictures are proof the Mary Kay facial highlighting pen works - sheesh, I am glowing! Thankfully its been hiding the third trimester bags under my eyes...)

And about the newest girl in our family...  the Monday after I got home from Oklahoma, we had our 28 week appointment with our specialist. My OB sends his patients to a specialist, too, after 20 weeks just as a precaution and we love it because it gives us an extra long 4D look at Brindle and lots of 3D pics!

I think she definitely has Kanyon's nose! And her face shape and chin remind me a lot of my brother's and mine.

And don't be freaked out by the lack of hand on her left arm in the second pic... she definitely has one, just a delay in the picture :)

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