August 29, 2012

Oklahoma Baby Shower

I can't believe its taken me this long to upload these pictures... in all fairness, I uploaded them a while ago but at home... so it took forever and I eventually went and did something else. But now I am going to write this post!

My parents are both originally from Oklahoma City and both sides of my family both live there. My mom's sister and her daughters decided they wanted to throw me a baby shower there! I was so excited. The cool part is that Kanyon has a little family there, too, that could come!

Aunt Jenny's house is beautiful and she and the girls really know how to throw and decorate a party. Everything was so cute. The theme was pink, of course, with a little purple. The food was fantastic - pesto chicken croissant sandwiches, lots of vegetables and fruit, hummus and crackers and pretzels, a really yummy salad, and cookies. 

After eating lunch, we all headed into the den where the gifts were. Sara and Emily had hung up a line to clothespin Brindle's clothes that she would receive! I'm planning on keeping that sign with her name to put up in the hospital room! :)

Brindle got so many cute clothes. Her closet is already bursting after only one shower. And we have two to go!

This is a dress that Mama Brown (Kanyon's dad's mom) made!

A super soft blanket from Nana! (Kanyon's mom)

A ridiculously cute bathing suit from my mom!

We got lots of clothes, some really cute necessities like pacifiers, bowls, etc, her highchair, one of her carseats (for Kanyon's truck) and lots more! And diapers of course!

Me with my moms

The hostesses of the shower - my cousin Bethany, my aunt Jenny, and my cousins Emily and Sara.

And the mandatory belly shot. I was 27 weeks, I think, at this point.

My dad's sisters, PJ and Carol, me, my cousin Lisa, and mom.

Lots of family! My cousin Bethany with my cousin Joy and her granddaughters, Paige and Ellyson.

Kanyon's cousin's wife Shanna and his aunt Debbie.

My cousins Natalie and Brianna.

I can't even tell you how fun that was to see so many family members (that I didn't even get a picture of) and get gifts for Brindle. The shower went great.

Thank you so much, Aunt Jenny and girls, for such a beautiful and fun shower!

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