October 10, 2012

Getting closer...

So sorry about the lack of posts the last two weeks. I've kind of been running at a sprint, which is ironic since I finally went part time at work so that I could "rest".

I've been trying to get things wrapped up at work making notes about how to do my job when I'm away for maternity leave (I'm at 9 pages...) all the while going through a couple of big transitions. Perfect timing. But maybe all the kinks will be worked out with both of them by the time I get back... there's wishful thinking. I'm having a hard time being okay with letting other people take over my tasks. Not because I want to keep doing them, I'm just afraid something will go wrong while I'm gone and they won't know what to do! Just gotta be okay with it. I'm sure I'll feel much differently after a couple of weeks without having to think about work.

Outside of work, I've been making tons of trips to Lubbock for doctor's visits, doing more Mary Kay stuff, trying to keep our house clean (emphasis on trying), writing thank you notes, working on the nursery... This week, I have several tasks I'd like to get done. They are all quick things, I just need to do them.

The first of the two tasks I have in mind is making a measuring wall ruler to record Brindle's (and future kid's) heights.

I like the simplicity of this one. I have the wood already, but I plan on painting mine cream and then adding the numbers like this. I also have a couple of turquoise metal flowers to attach to add some girly-ness. I don't think it will take long, just gotta do it!

The second is to tea-stain the white lace canopy I bought to go over Brindle's crib. Its beautiful, just too white.

Mom and Dad are coming to stay with us Friday and I am so excited!! So I am going to get some cleaning done in preparation for them and hopefully get some more thank you notes done before my next baby shower in Welch this Saturday!

The days are starting to fly by!

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  1. Love reading your updates. Can't wait to meet that sweet baby!