July 20, 2011


1. I went and saw the lastHarry Potter last weekend and I cried the entire time, even before anything sad happened. I can't explain..

I am one of the biggest Harry Potter fans I know. I'm not one of those types that dresses up for the previews or buys a "wand" off eBay (cough cough Cole) because in my opinion, none of that makes you a "huge" Harry Potter fan. Tell me what Essence of Dittany is or who discovered the twelve uses of dragon's blood and then maybe I'll talk to you about it. But get that wand out of my face.

2. I really want to make these Butterscotch Meringue Bars tonight... but I won't. Because I'll be the only one who eats them. Its really sad that I can't connect with my husband about love for baked goods. He'd rather have a Chips-a-hoy, thank you. That is an abomination, I tell you. Makes me sick.

3. I'm currently battling myself about whether or not to run a half-marathon in November with a bunch of girls from Lamesa.. Part of me thinks it would be great for me and I could get into better shape but the other part of me thinks.. wait a second. I hate running. The only reason I can do a few miles every once in a while is because I make myself forget I'm even running by listening to my iPod.

4. I've completely given up on my flowerbeds in the backyard. I watered them faithfully and they just died. And didn't even hold on. It's like they knew the drought was coming and decided a quick death was the best for them. Mom, I'm sorry your money was wasted when you went and bought the plants! This drought even killed my Knock-out Roses! Ya know, the roses that will live through "anything".

I think Kanyon put it best the other day when I asked him if he thought the sprinkler would give enough water to the flowers twigs sticking up out of the flowerbed and he said it would give as much water as dead plants need.

At least my front flowerbed is still doing okay.. thank you, Vaughn, for those dusty millers last year!

5. Three of my best girl friends from college wanted to have a girl's weekend this weekend and I told them it'd have to be in Welch cause I'm not wanting to be more than 20 miles from my home anymore than I have to be. Is that selfish?

I thought that I was at the busiest point in my life in college. I was wrong... this summer has been crazy. I just want to sleep in my own bed for 7 nights in a row... I wonder if the girls will mind if we spend the whole girl's weekend in my house and never leave??...

6. I make smores at my kitchen table... on a regular basis...
Kanyon's going to be embarrassed I told yall that.



  1. This post cracked me up! Hope to see you guys soon.

  2. Glad we only did a trial run with plants in the backyard..it's the sandy soil too not just the water. Maybe next year:(
    Run the marathon, why not? You'll be so proud of yourself.

  3. my flowers are dead too. i thought i could beat the heat... but the heat has beat my plants.
    ps - i LOVE smores... google "smores bars" they are AMAZING. A-MAZING!

  4. I went to bunco and Megan had made the butterscotch meringue bars..yum, yum!

  5. Oh my goodness, so jealous!

  6. Alright, we have WAY too many things in common, according to this post at least. I too, sobbed like a baby during Harry Potter...before the sad parts. I think it started when McGonagall jumped out to save Harry from Snape. Or maybe the opening credits...I don't remember. I am also thinking about running a half in October...I just can't commit yet. AND I've given up on our flowers (and grass) in our back yard as well. So much work and money for nothing. And my mom bought them for us too! Weird. Great post!