July 1, 2011

I should be packing right now.

Well, we are heading out tomorrow morning about 10:30 or so for the Lubbock airport to catch our flight to Denver! I'm suddenly wishing I had maybe done a few more than one round on the treadmill this week to gear up for hiking in less oxygen than I'm used to...

We are excited to be getting away for a couple of days, probably Kanyon is a lot more than me. I can hear his diesel truck driving out of our driveway for the fourth time today to go check on his irrigation systems. We'll be leaving that to Uncle Dan and my father-in-law while Kanyon's gone until Monday. Zeb will get to hang out with them, too, thankfully. So glad we don't have to leave him in the backyard and come home to find what destruction he's done while he's been stir crazy.. He only does that when he's home alone, thank goodness, and that's hardly ever.

We found out some EXTREMELY exciting news this week. Kanyon's oldest sister, Jada, is pregnant again! Surprise! (For them especially!) They have four and the youngest one is 2 and a half. They've been seriously considering adopting lately but its fallen through each time they've started the process (I'm not sure if they've done it more than once..) but now we know why! God knew that He would be forming a baby in her tummy. Congratulations, Jada and Nick and kids! And congratulations, self, on being an aunt again! I looove being an aunt. All the fun, none of the responsibility. Kanyon and I looked at each other several times Wednesday night and said "I can't believe she's pregnant!" and then smiled like fools cause we're so excited.  : )

On another note, Vaughn has been working hard on my pillow shams for my guest room and they look so good! She's finished one and let me take it home while she's visiting my sister and brother-in-law Kyla and Alan and their kids in Houston. It looks so good and I really don't think these pictures do them justice.

Close-up of the fabric. I love it.

Thank you, Mom, for giving me this fabric, and thank you, Vaughn, for being my custom seamstress! We are going to make the valance together so I can start learning how to sew. Let's see if my impatience can hold out. I really want to learn.

Have a great weekend! I'll see you on the other side. And hopefully have some great pictures of the 5 of us on the top of the moutain!


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