July 25, 2011

Girl's Weekend!

A few of my best college girl friends came to Welch for a girl's weekend the last few days and it was so fun, hilarious, relaxing... lots.

Heather came from Midland, Kaelyn came from Dallas, and Lauren came from Abilene!

Friday night, I made my mom's "Chicken and White Wine Sauce" for dinner and picked up an Angel Food cake with whipped cream and strawberries for dessert. I love that dessert. No fat but still so good. 

After dinner, we jumped in the truck with Kanyon and Zeb and went to go check water with them. I hadn't seen Kanyon's cotton in a couple weeks myself (I never drive that way since I work in the opposite direction) and I thought it'd be interesting for the girls to see.

And they wanted to ride in the back with Zeb... I said "have fun, I'll be in the cab, thanks."

We spent about an hour out there checking water and Kanyon having an interested audience to tell about cotton farming. He pulled up a stalk to show them and all three gasped in horror and said "how much did that cost you!?" I laughed because thats the same way I felt about it when I first came home with Kanyon. Now I know its not putting us out more than 50 cents.

Saturday, we got up a lot earlier naturally than we ever did in college (9:00 am!) and had breakfast and just hung out in our pj's until noon.

Then I told them I wanted them to meet my boyfriend... Mr. Tac.

Tac loved having the attention of four girls. He was quite the charmer. But thankfully he still made me feel I was his favorite :)

I asked Kasha and Al (Tac's parents and our good friends) how they felt about becoming my entertainment for my friends when they come to town, ha! Somehow I always end up bringing visitors to come meet Tac and see what's going on at Al and Kasha's. I mean, they just happen to always have something interesting going on! Kasha's taxidermy, Al's cotton gin, or their new house that's being built right behind their old one is a lot more interesting than my living room!

Tac thought this was hilarious... he was laughing with his mouth under water, blowing bubbles.

Don't worry, Zeb hadn't gotten a chance to drink out of it yet!

That afternoon, we relaxed around the house, watching a movie, taking a nap and reading. That night, we headed to Lamesa to eat out and go see a movie.

Dinner was great, we ate at Taqueria Jalisco's and then headed to the movie theatre where Kanyon and Landon met up with us. We saw Captain America in 3D!

Heather in her 3D glasses and her Captain America pose.

It was a great weekend and we had so much fun getting to catch up and hang out. After a really great church service on Sunday and a church potluck lunch, everyone headed back home and Kanyon headed to the gun show in Lubbock so I took a two-hour nap. Nice :)



  1. You didn't go to the Skyview? Looks like a fun girl's weekend...can I come next year?

  2. :) How fun! It is cool to see that they all came to see you! A little jealous but mostly happy to see y'all together. - Jackie B