July 15, 2011

Denver Part 2

See Part One here.

Its been a crazy week here at work. We've (the First Baptist Church of Lamesa) been working on 10 different houses around town doing construction and painting jobs and we are pooped but having a lot of fun.

I wanted to share these pictures with you real quick before I go back out to the worksite.

On Monday night, we took Kanyon and Dad to the airport to fly back home and Mom and I stayed until Wednesday so we could have more time together. On Tuesday, we were planning on going hiking again at this park in Evergreen called "Three Sisters" but rain was in the forecast and we decided we might wait until Wednesday. So we ran around Denver that day, going to Cole's favorite coffee shop and going to see a movie.

Wednesday, the forecast was still for rain but we felt like we had done all we had wanted to do in Denver so we decided to go ahead and head for Evergreen.

It was a very picturesque little town. Lots of little shops, a small lake with tons of people canoeing and lots of green, hence the name.

(taken while driving..)

I loved this little town. Cole took us to a trail park called Three Sisters that had multiple trails leading up to the point of a large hill (enough to take about an hour to get up there and make you pretty darn tired..).

 I think he liked being in charge for once.

After we got done hiking, we had an hour or so before we needed to get back to the house and pack and head to the airport. So we headed back down to the lake in Evergreen to sit on the dock on the lake. It was a beautiful little event center that we told Cole that if he ever got married, he needed to have it at!

 That afternoon, we headed to the airport to catch Mom's flight. Her's was an hour before mine so we dropped her off and then headed to grab dinner before Cole came back to drop me off. After grabbing some Chinese food that we regretted getting almost as soon as we left, we headed back up to the airport.

My flight was a late one, set to leave at 8:00 pm. About 7:35, a lady got on the loudspeaker and said in the most annoyingly chipper voice, "Flight 7293 with service to Lubbock has been cancelled! Please proceed to the nearest service desk to reschedule!" I was so confused by her chipper tone that it took me a minute to realize my flight had been cancelled.. I decided that I guess I better make my way to the service desk which I happened to be sitting next to since there were already about 20 people in line.

Within 10 minutes of me getting in line, I was so thankful that I hadn't taken my time getting there. About 70 flights got cancelled all at once and the line grew to hundreds of people. I couldn't believe it.

About 30 minutes later (and I was only the 20th person in line...), I got up to the counter and the United employee looked up flights for me. The earliest direct or in-direct flight that could get me to Lubbock would get me there at 10:30 pm the next night! Finally after thinking of every possible combination (Denver to Dallas to Lubbock, Denver to Houston to Lubbock, Denver to Dallas to Midland, etc...), I finally confirmed a 5:00 am flight to Houston that would connect me with a flight to Midland. I should have just slept in the airport but I thought I might get some sleep at a hotel. So I booked a room at the nearest hotel and got up at 3:00 the next morning. The next day, I heard they were rescheduling flights until midnight the night before. How miserable.

But I finally got home! And then had to turn around and pack and leave for Dallas within 24 hours. 

But it was a great trip and I enjoyed seeing my family and hiking and the weather so much. Next year, we're spending July 4th in Welch, though.   :) 


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  1. One of my favorite days! Hanging out with two of my favorite people in some gorgeous outdoor places...all until the ride to the airport:( No fun getting out of Denver.