September 7, 2011

Coming Along..

Kanyon has been hard at work on the leather shop and its coming along nicely :)

He has gutted the window and door frame and then rebuilt both and replaced the door and threshold. That alone made a huge difference!

The last week or so, he has been work on the inside with help from his dad and Uncle Dan.

They replaced part of the flooring, one whole wall's sheet rock and insulated and sheet rocked the ceiling.

The last couple days, Kanyon has been kilzing and painting the walls and ceiling. We got a creamy tan for the color. I haven't been able to help him paint since I've been at work which is a bummer because I like doing projects like this with him.

Next up after painting is the floor, I think. He has chosen a rubber matting for the floor. Kind of like what you would see at a work-out gym under the dumb bells. At first I was bummed it wouldn't be something a little more "aesthetically pleasing"... but its better for him when he is having to do his work standing and we're also going to be moving all of our work-out equipment back there so it only makes sense to have that. 

There is a large closet in this apartment, too, that after I clean out (there is a lot of stuff we have in boxes that we labeled garage sale that now I'm thinking more along the lines of donation) will be a great place for me to store all of my Christmas stuff and get it out of the guest room closet. I'm pumped about having so much more closet space after all the leather and Christmas stuff is out!


  1. ooooh, it looks good! I can't wait until I can get back over there and see it! :)