September 21, 2011

Happy 25th, Kanyon!

We spread Kanyon's birthday out a week or so, since it was actually on the 12th of September, last Monday. He had worked a Walk to Emmaus the weekend before and we both had separate meetings or something on Monday and Tuesday of last week and then church on Wednesday. So we finally had his birthday dinner on Thursday night with his parents!

I made him a Red Velvet Cake this year. And it flopped. I made it Tuesday night and I was so mad about it that I stuck the parts in the fridge without putting it together yet.

I don't know why it flopped because I know its a good recipe. Its Pioneer Woman, who else? The only thing I can think of is that I didn't have as much red food coloring as the recipe called for. It came out dry, pink and not red, and... crumbly. This was the first layer I took out of the pan..

Immediately after taking this layer out of the pan, I had to go sit on the porch for thirty minutes with our dog, Zeb, and cool off because I was so mad about it. I couldn't go cool off with Kanyon because I didn't think I could voice my frustration without throwing something. So the male in my house that can't talk or understand English was the one I went to. Its handy to have options like that.

The other layer came out in an almost whole piece so I iced it the next day and made up for the short cake (in my mind) with silly decorations. So... presenting Kanyon's birthday cake of 2011.

I do have to say that the cream cheese icing was so good that it almost made up for the whole disaster. But only almost.

We ended up only eating half of the iced cake so last night I put the messed up layer's crumbles, the left-over icing, and the half of the remaining cake into a bowl and mashed it all together and rolled it into little balls to make cake balls. I'm going to try to get rid of them asap at church tonight. Those things are so dangerous and pretty.

So Saturday came around and Kanyon and I headed to Lubbock because for his birthday, "I" bought him a recliner! I say "I" in quotations because I still find it a little strange to buy gifts when you're married since technically its both our money paying for it.. Anyways, we shopped around for a couple hours at a few furniture stores. It was a lot of fun!

This is our first piece of furniture, believe it or not, that we have shopped for and bought together. And since it was for Kanyon's recliner, several people have told him he is a real man now that he has a man chair.

So.. the man chair:

We went with a La-z-boy. It was between this one and one at Haverty's but I'm really glad we chose this one. Its really pretty! I loved another La-z-boy that had a really cool design but it wasn't quite a man chair. More like a trendy girl chair. So maybe I'll get it for my birthday :) Maybe not.


  1. HAHA! Happy Birthday Kanyon! Sorry about the cake, I so would have still eaten the crumbly one!

  2. vickilbanta@yahoo.comSeptember 22, 2011 at 11:55 PM

    Sooo cute! I'm so glad you are blogging these sweet memories! The cake looks so yummy. More important to taste good than to look good as is... more important to be good than to seem good! Don't forget "Baker's Joy."