September 6, 2011

No Labor Day Weekend

Wow, another week flew by! Last week was a little draining at work.. I won't lie. It pretty much sucked all the energy and patience out of me. A three day weekend seriously could not have come at a better time!

I do have leather shop update pictures to show you but they are on my camera at home so that will have to wait and I wanted to tell you about our Labor Day weekend!

My mom came in town on Thursday night to stay for four nights! It was the first time since Kanyon and I have been married that she's been able to stay that long! Cole and Dad are backpacking through Italy right now (no big deal..) so she took the time they were gone to go visit her sister and mom in Oklahoma half the week and the other half with us!

Thursday night we spent at home, we had dinner and didn't go much of anywhere. But Friday night, we went to the Dawson football game at O'Donnell. Kanyon and I didn't realize it but Mom had never been to one of Dawson's football games before or a 6-man football game in general! We thought surely she had been to at least one with us. I don't have any pictures actually of last weekend's game but I did find some pictures of the first home game that I had forgotten to post. And I can't believe I did because look how cute these boys are!

Tripp and Tac!! They were playing football together in the stands and entertaining everyone  : )

They're Kanyon's little buddies. That purple blur is a football that Tripp threw at the unlucky person in front of him  : )  Love those boys!

The game was a lot of fun as usual because we got to see a lot of friends, even though we didn't win the game. 

Saturday was a great day! After sleeping in a little, my cousin Vicki and her husband Brady came over! Vicki and Brady live in Montana now and so I don't get to see them near as much as I did when they lived in Galveston and I was in high school. When Brady was in his residency there, we saw them all the time. After residency, he got a job in Miles City, Montana, as a radiologist. 

But thank goodness its a small world after all, because he grew up in Seminole, about 30 minutes where I ended up in Welch! So his grandfather lives in Brownfield and they were down for Brady's high school reunion this weekend and came to see Mom, Kanyon, and I!!

It was so exciting to see her and spend time with her for a few hours. Kanyon and I both had decided by that afternoon that we were going to go visit them in the next year in Montana.

Mom and I wanted to go visit the antique shop in Brownfield that she always visits when she's here so after taking Vicki back to Brady's grandfather's house, we swung by. Mom didn't find anything this time but I did!

There was a very .... weathered... outdoor bench in the back room. I say weathered.. Kanyon says junk. But he'll see : ) Here's the before:

I got the shaky parts a little more stable and nailed a few boards back into place, but mostly taking out a million nails that weren't even necessary and were cracking the wood. I got the first coat on last night and will hopefully finish it up tonight. I've been looking for something for a while to go on our front porch but really didn't want to buy something because I wanted a little project. Hopefully it will be a success!

Saturday was Al's birthday so Al, Kasha, Kanyon, me, and Mom headed to Lubbock for dinner at Caprock Cafe.

Happy birthday Al!

On Sunday, we spent the early afternoon lounging and then headed over to Al and Kasha's new house. They weren't there but Mom had been wanting to see how it looks. After looking inside, I stepped outside to see how the outdoor kitchen was coming along and look.. what.. I.. saw..


 I ran inside and told Mom to come look at the huge snake and we both shivered a few times out of creepiness. I sent this picture to Kasha and Al texted back "you didn't kill it, did you??!" 

Uh.. NO way, Jose. I didn't get within twenty feet of it, thank you. But thanks for your concern for my safety, Al. 

It was a bull snake - not poisonous. They actually eat mice, so they're considered "good" snakes.. yah right. The only kind of good snake is a dead one.

Sunday night, Mom and I rearranged my living room (good times, y'all) and then headed out to Vaughn and Kalith's (the in-law's) house. Kanyon's uncle Dan's birthday was this week and to celebrate the boys had a skeet shoot. Kanyon lets me shoot his new pistol and it was pretty fun. I even got within an inch of the target at one time. Zeb was in hog heaven playing with all the dead birds that the guys shot. Yuck.

Mom headed out Monday morning for the 10 hour drive home and I got some stuff done around the house. I cleaned out a huge crammed closet in preparation for moving around some of our storage now that the closet in the leather shop is going to be more accessible now. AND (I know you're wondering how this weekend could get any better...) Sena, Addalie, and Asher arrived for the week! So after bible study last night, I headed over to Vaughn and Kalith's to see Sena.

Whew, long post. Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend, too!


  1. can't wait to see the bench! Love a good project!

  2. I just love those adorable boys! Annnd if I had seen that snake it would have been d-e-a-d! Totally agree...the only good one is a dead least that one was OUTSIDE. I've found one INSIDE our house before. eewwww. I really need to post soon instead of just reading others haha