December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving and a Mule deer.

Sorry about that two-week hiatus. I honestly just flat out forgot to blog most days! Its been busy.

Thanksgiving was so wonderful. Mom and Dad came up to spend it with us and Kanyon's family. With Cole being in South America, they decided to come to us! Let me tell you, it is so wonderful for Kanyon and I that our parents are good friends. Both of our parents never mind sharing us or spending holidays all together. We know that is very rare and we're so thankful for it. 

So Mom and Dad got to Welch on Wednesday and we had a great time relaxing, going on cotton gin tours and seeing harvest (Dad and Kanyon), researching TV's (again.. Dad and Kanyon; we're getting one for Christmas), cooking, hunting, playing with Zeb, and of course eating really yummy food. We had Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws house with some cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents. 

One of the most exciting parts about the weekend was that on the last day of the season for our county, Kanyon went hunting that afternoon like he had everyday that week and finally got him a mule deer! Its his first one. He usually hunts white tail, so this was exciting.

Also, exciting - it is huge. The rack is a great size, nothing too unusual but the deer himself was a big boy. We were excited. And after some talking to Al (him and Kasha are also taxidermists besides owning the gin), we are going to have our first mounted deer!

Sorry if anyone is uncomfortable with bloody dead animals - this isn't too bad but just warning you!

I wish I got a better picture of this - Zeb was pretty excited too! 

"Can I have it now?"

We're pretty excited to get it back and put it on the wall! With the addition of this big boy, a new TV and TV console after Christmas, our living room is going to look a little different! Can't wait!

Also, in deer news... Last year, Kanyon killed two deer and in a rush, we just stuck them in the freezer un-processed and left in quarters. Well, some of it got some freezer burn and Kanyon decided to have it all made into sausage and jerky since that would allow it to still taste good since we absolutely weren't going to throw out the meat. Well... this is what two deer turned into sausage look like... this doesn't include the 12 bags of jerky, either.

72.... pounds.....

Anyone got any meal ideas with venison sausage to share with me????

Oh, AND that doesn't include the mule deer that he finished processing, too. Which counts for two white tail, just about. And he plans on killing two more white tail before the season ends. We won't be lacking in protein this year. 

I hope yall had a great holiday! I have a few recipes that I really want to share with you that I've used recently that are definitely worth sharing tomorrow. Unfortunately none with venison. 


  1. ok, you've gone country...dead animals on your blog...

  2. Haha! It had to happen sometime.