October 24, 2012

Lamesa and Welch Baby Showers

This month, our local friends threw us two showers! The generosity and excitement for Brindle has completely overwhelmed me and I am so grateful.

On October 6th, the church I work at threw a beautiful shower in the parlor.

Hostesses were (Left to Right): Andi Evans, Fallon Garcia, Victoria Ramirez, Joanne Longo, Nancy Patterson, Pam Kearney, Krista Powell, Joyce Pearson, and Connie Smith. Nelda Jones and Traci Cox were also hostesses but weren't able to be at the shower.

 Isn't that cake gorgeous?? It perfectly matched my nursery's color scheme.

 This is Brindle's cradle! A friend of Kanyon and I's made it from scratch for us. It made me want to cry when I saw it for the first time. Well, still does.

Almost 36 weeks at this point. Definitely have started looking it!

The next weekend, our friends in Welch threw us a baby shower there. It was also amazing and beautiful!!

 Ainsley came to see what all Brindle got!

 The decorations were absolutely gorgeous!

All lacey and vintage!

 Me with the grandmas!

 Me with just a few of the hostesses!
Julie Gray, Becca Brooks, Shelly Moore, Marla Goode, Vicki Gary, Kasha Crisp, Pam Maxwell, and Joan Moore.

 Me and Grandma!

Heather, Kaelyn, and Lauren all came in town for the shower! It was so great to see them.

Ainsley trying out the pillow that Heather got Brindle :) 

Brindle with her cousin! They will only be a couple months apart!

After my Welch shower, Mom and Vaughn helped me organize and wash a few things for Brindle's room and we made a ton of progress! Not a whole lot has been made decoration-wise which is why I still haven't posted many pictures. I'm not worrying about getting all of that done before she gets here. Just trying to get the essentials done and rest up right now. Besides, most everything that is left are things that other people are doing for me! Which is a huge blessing.

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