January 13, 2013

Brindle's RSV and My Birthday

I guess I should just be resigned to the fact that I am probably not going to be someone that blogs often anymore. But in my defense, this has been a really tough week and my plans of blogging every Monday on my lunch break at my one day of work kind of got messed up.

Last Saturday, the 5th, Brindle started throwing up. By Monday morning, she also was very congested and had a couple coughs I was really not liking the sound of. So Vaughn, my mother-in-love :), and I took her to the doctor. I was so incredibly thankful to have Vaughn with me. For one, I was relieved to have someone sitting in the backseat with her in case she threw up, and two, turns out I was going to need the support. While in the interior waiting room for newborns, the nurse walking by heard her struggling with her congestion and put us in a room early. She swabbed her for RSV and she said the results were pretty quick. 

I was really upset. I immediately tried to figure out where I had not been careful enough and came up with several answers. I figured RSV was only caught by babies whose parents were not careful and let them be in contact with too many germs. I've since then found out that that is not necessarily the case and both the doctor and the literature he gave me said it is almost impossible to protect her from it because it is the season for it and its everywhere. Regardless, we have taken the doctor's advice and not let her leave the house except for the doctor's visit. We've missed several things like our local stock show and Uncle Landon's birthday and seeing our newborn cousin River but we don't mind since it is for a good reason. Breathing treatments, suctioning her nose and throat, and patting her back a lot to help her break up the congestion, along with making sure she is eating enough have been the only thing on my mind for a week now. I did make it into the office a couple times to get some things that absolutely had to get done done, but other than that, Kanyon and I have been taking care of her. And it looks like it has paid off because her congestion has reduced significantly in the last couple days after getting much worse in the middle of the week. She still has a cough but its sounding like it is her congestion breaking up in her lungs.

This picture of her taking a breathing treatment cracks me up... "I'm so done with this".

And we have been doing a lot of this and this...

Just napping and relaxing.

Thankfully her spirits are still her normal very happy self! I'm so thankful that she hasn't been feeling really bad enough to not smile. Her smile has kept me sane ;) 

To back it up a bit, I celebrated my 25th birthday on January 2nd! I thought the whole day that I was turning 24 until I opened my birthday card from my cousins that said "happy 25th!". I thought it was funny that they got the year wrong until I counted it up and asked Kanyon to make sure... I was not mentally prepared to be in my mid-twenties all of a sudden. I guess thats okay since I am a mom now, which is also something I always forget about myself. I had a friend the other day tell me how all of her friends are getting married and having babies and I'm like "I know! Weird!" and then I realize I am one of them. Ha!

Have I mentioned I LOVE being Brindle's mom? I do. Unfortunately, my first full day back at work, a.k.a. my first large time period away from my baby girl, was my birthday. Wah-wah. Kanyon stayed home with her (usually she will stay with her Nana, Vaughn, while I am at work) and he sent me lots of pictures and notes "from her" like "do you like my outfit?"...

We also Facetimed once and I was able to get through the day. My parents also surprised me with flowers sent to my office!

That night at church, Vaughn made a cake and everyone sang happy birthday!

The next day, Kanyon and I dropped Brindle off at her Nana and Papa's house and we headed to Lubbock for some shopping and dinner. It was so nice to get out and have a date together!

I had a great 24th 25th birthday! And thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for Brindle while she has been sick. I know that God has heard them!

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  1. Sounds like you handled Brindle being sick very well! Your Birthday cake looks really good right now! You look even better, beautiful mommy!