January 29, 2013

Catch Up of Christmas

I have been working on this post for two weeks now a little at a time! I am going to attempt to go back and write about our wonderful Christmas! This was a whirlwind time but so much fun. I was so thankful I was still on maternity leave so I got to spend as much time as possible with our family and Brindle! One day, I had so much on my to-do list when we got up but decided to just spend the morning snuggling with Brindle while I watched White Christmas and drank coffee. One of my favorite Christmas memories!

A couple weeks before Christmas, Kanyon and I were so excited to have several of our college friends come to visit and meet Brindle. It was such a FUN weekend! We had 5 extra people staying with us. 7 people and a baby in our house.

We spent the weekend mostly at home. The boys did make a run up to Kanyon's parents' house for a little. That night, we all made a really yummy dinner of ribs from a hog that Kanyon shot the weekend before and venison sausage (still eating that stuff from last year...). It was so great to see everyone.

Several people have asked me how Zeb is with Brindle... he is great! He was nervous around her at first since we kept telling him "no!" every time he'd try to lick her but now that we are more relaxed, he is, too. He loves kissing her on the top of her head and letting us know when she has a dirty diaper, ha. When I find the time to give him a bath, I want to get a cute picture of her sitting with him. Who volunteers to give him a bath? Just let me know.

Brindle has been such an easy and loving baby! Her smile comes so easy and she loves being talked to. She cries only when she has a reason to - cold, tired, or hungry - and will calm down as soon as you appease her. She is super photogenic and I can always get a smile! Sometimes I just spank her for being too cute.

She met so much family over Christmas and actually slept through most of the parties. I think it was how she coped with all the new sounds and people... We had about a week of getting our nights and days mixed up after all the busy-ness to get sorted back out after the holidays. But she is sleeping like a champ at night already.

We had Kanyon's family Christmases all in one weekend. Our immediate family, then both of Kanyon's grandparent's separate Christmases. It was a lot of fun! Brindle got loved on by so much family! These pictures are a little out of order but oh well.

 Vaughn taught me how to decorate a cake!

 Isn't this the prettiest outfit!? She had three beautiful red outfits to wear throughout the Christmas season.

One of her favorite places to be!

 Our immediate family Christmas - 23 of us now, 25 with Bailey and Aimee!

It was a great time with everyone in Welch. The next day, on Christmas Eve, we flew to Houston for Brindle's first airplane ride!

She slept through the whole thing. Boring, apparently.

We had a relaxing few days in Houston with my family taking naps by the fire and getting in the hot tub. And of course, Brindle got more love from her family!

"OH holy night!"

 Relaxing with Rachel!

The next few pictures of Brindle talking to her Grandma just kill me...

We got home on the 28th and were so tired but satisfied with a very good Christmas. The best one yet!

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