February 18, 2011

Ending the Week on a Mushy Note

Scratch that - not "mushy" but sentimental. Mushy sometimes alludes to negative feelings.

I said in my post yesterday that it had been kind of an emotional week. Well, allow me to throw something else at you.

I randomly found a post this morning from my friend Becca's blog. I clicked on a link on her side bar and was led to another blog that was having a guest blogger today.. Have I confused you?

Well actually it doesn't matter how I got to it. I just really want you to read it because it really touched me.

As someone who is still relatively new to this whole get-married-and-share-your-life-completely-with-someone-else thing.. I found this post to be very encouraging.

Second Chances by Paige from Simple Thoughts (guest blogger on Between You and Me)
(Note - the blog has a song playing when you open it so if you're at work or just don't want to listen to it, you might hit the mute now.)


I've got a weekend ahead of me with no plans and that suits me just fine! I kind of had a un-said dare to myself to actually not leave Welch the entire month of February. And I think we're gonna make it!... But I won't lie - I'm feeling the itch to travel. I guess running errands in Lubbock tomorrow will do.


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  1. I loved that blog - thanks for pointing it out. xx