February 8, 2011

KB Leather

With harvest ending at the end of last year, Kanyon has had a lot more time to do some leather projects people have hired him to do.

If you didn't know, Kanyon worked at 5D Custom Hats and Leather when we were in college, making all kinds of leather items and being the primary hat maker. 5D is pretty well known in the rodeo circuit so he got to meet - and make hats for - some famous rodeo men. It was pretty exciting to be watching PBR and see a rider wearing a hat Kanyon made them.

But Kanyon is not making hats anymore since that requires some fancy machinery, plus I don't think he's all that interested in it. But he has been collecting leather tools the last year and a half since he moved away from Abilene and next week, we get one of the most important tools - a heavy duty sewing machine! It is a big investment so he's been waiting to see how this year's crop did before he decided to go for it. He'll be able to make a lot more items plus make the items he does make already faster.

We have a little unfinished apartment in our backyard that Kanyon intends to make into his shop. Its got a lot to go but it's going to be great to get all of his leather stuff out of the office closet :)

It's windows, door, ceiling and possibly flooring all need to be replaced.. its going to be a big job but it will be awesome for him. And me - because he can finally make all the awesome stuff he's made for others for OUR house! We don't have a SINGLE item that he's made in our own house but he's made all these beautiful crosses and a framed verse for others. I think its kinda funny... but not funny enough to not hint I want something soon to show off.

My favorite thing he's made lately: a belt for our friend Troy Howard (Zeb's breeder) --

Isn't it pretty? He makes belts, purses (ladies?..), bible covers, all kinds of cowboy stuff that I'm not going to pretend I remember the names of, wallets. Both for boys and girls. He made an awesome bible cover for Kasha a couple years ago that I want him to make for me :) I think I need to gather up some stuff he's made and show yall. I'll do that.

Off to staff meeting!



  1. I love that belt Kanyon made! I have to admit this makes me want to brag my head off about him. That's the perfect hobby for him, especially for where y'all live. He'll have more orders than he has time to do! Speaking of orders...I'll take a purse, or a belt...or whatever. I'll pay too! Wait a minute, how much? :)

  2. Mom - I know, I'm going to make him an Etsy shop later.. he just doesn't know it. :)
    Kyla - I really have no idea how much he is going to charge. I know he charged $100 for the belt for Troy and Troy acted like that was a steal..?
    Amy - Thanks!

  3. Where are pictures of the spur leathers? I thought I sent those. I love the name too! KB Leather... I'm going to brag too along with Kyla.