February 17, 2011

Some of Kanyon's work

This week has been an emotional one, good and bad!

Monday night, the women in Welch started our new spring bible study from Beth Moore called "Beloved Disciple." It seems really great so far!

Tuesday night, Kanyon and I celebrated Valentines a day late in Lubbock and it was really fun. We left for Lubbock after I got off work and went tennis shoe shopping (that's what we "got" each other for V-day.. or really Kanyon just bought them for both of us...). Both of us were tired of the style that we've always gotten so we wanted to buy some that were different. I've always wanted some bright tennis shoes so I got these:

I'm pretty excited about them! Kanyon really wanted some brown tennis shoes so he got some sweet brown and orange Nikes. Neither of us really wanted Nike but both ended up with them. After shopping, we went and had dinner at a Hibachi grill in Lubbock. It was so nice to not have to battle the crowds like we do on a weekend in Lubbock!

Then yesterday, we attended the funeral of a man that's from around this area who was very loved and respected by all that knew him. Kanyon and Landon had so many stories about having fun with Danny and his kids. It was a very tragic accident that killed him. The memorial service was beautiful and attended by hundreds! It was extremely touching even to someone like me who had never met the man. My heart goes out to his family.

I've gathered a few pictures of some of Kanyon's work to show yall. There are still a couple that I want to get from other people but here's a few for you:

 He made this stand-alone cross for our friend Troy Howard (Zeb's breeder) a couple of 
years ago. Here it is standing behind the groom's cake at our wedding.

 Kanyon made these smaller crosses for all the groomsmen and ushers in our wedding.
He made crosses like these with different designs (all floral for my parents) for different things
here and there like Christmases. This one is currently hanging in Kenya with our friends Jason and Stephen.

 I picked out the leather and Kanyon made me this purse for me for Christmas a couple years ago.

And this beautiful piece he made and framed for him and his sisters to give their parents for Christmas
a couple years ago.

There are a couple more things I'm wanting to get pictures of but this is what I have for now. Isn't he talented?! These are only a few of the things he's made on the side when he was working for Damon in Abilene but now he's made a few more since he's moved home. And that's not to mention all the tons of stuff he made on the job.


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