February 11, 2011

Lamesa Woes

I just called around to find out where I could get my eyebrows waxed here in Lamesa.

Salon #1 couldn't get me in for two weeks. (For real?! Its a five minute "procedure"!)
Salon #2 asked if I could come in at 2:45 in the middle of the work day. I said I think depending on work. Work got busy so I couldn't come in. I call to say sorry. They make it clear that they did not appreciate me missing and didn't offer a reschedule. Uh. Okay.
Salon #3 is closing for a month because she just had surgery.

And that's the extent of salons that offer it. Great.

I got a few responses asking for pictures of some of Kanyon's leather work so I'm going to work on taking a few pictures this weekend!

Last night, I babysat Tac for Kasha and we had fun :) Tac looooves Zeb and the feeling is mutual. I'm kicking myself because I took some cute pictures of Tac trying to take a nap with Zeb. I will try to show those to yall this weekend too!

This describes his personality perfectly. A little stinker :)

Have a great weekend! I have my first Walk to Emmaus meeting as a worker and I think I'll find out what my role will be. And then Kanyon and I plan on celebrating V-day on Saturday night. Along with the rest of the world.. I'll just prepare myself to wait a long time for a table!



  1. I guess you're just going to have to get Kanyon to pluck your eyebrows for you. :) Sorry I never responded to your message today...just remembered! Ummm....I'm not picky so you could just surprise me and I know I'd like it. :) Or maybe an inexpensive cute shirt from like Bealls, Target...etc. I'm tired of my casual shirts! (I've got it! Mail me a shirt from your closet that you are tired of!)

  2. Call sunsations and ask Naomi, she is pretty good about getting people in!