November 11, 2011

As told through my iPhone pictures.

This week, Kanyon has been in the throws of harvest. My favorite time to come visit him is at night after the sun has gone down and ride along with him in the bowl buggie or cotton stripper (just picture a tractor if you don't know what those are). I plan on going out there soon to take pictures of this year. I haven't had much motivation though. This year's cotton is very weak because of the drought and its made harvest more of a drudgery than an exciting time.

I also want to show pictures of the shower I threw Kasha last weekend but she is working a Walk this weekend and I forgot to get the pictures from her before she left for Stanton. Oops!

I was going through my iPhone pictures this morning, though, and wanted to show you a few that represent both some recent happenings and some randoms.

Here is a picture I sent my Mom of a part of the almost finished guest bedroom. I'm not ready to show the finished product yet. But I just ordered the last couple of things I need to finish so I'm almost done!

Zeb protected me during Opening Day (hunting) weekend while Kanyon went to the deer lease. (I stayed at home to get ready for Kasha's shower). He took his job seriously, staying like this for a long time, growling quietly the whole time.

Here is a picture of the gift table as I was setting it up for the baby shower. More pictures of that soon.

After Jr. High girl's Small Group last Sunday night, Kaila (my high school sophomore co-leader) and I saw smoke from a fire and decided to go find it... Probably not the best decision. We left right after we got there so we wouldn't be in the way of the fireman. But the blaze looks so much less scary in this picture than it did in real life. I read in the paper Wednesday that its being investigated as arson. (No people or people's homes were harmed, it was an abandoned home - but the serious burn ban will probably give the arsonist a heavy penalty, I bet.)

My grandmother gave us a scare last weekend. She is 93 years old and has had dementia for several years. Her breathing was so labored on Saturday night that my aunt and uncle took her straight to the emergency room. My mom flew up immediately and they and my cousins have been by her side all week in the hospital. She's stable and back at home in the nursing home now.

I got lots of videos and pictures of her last week and this was one of them. Such a sweet sweet lady. This picture warms my heart.

Zeb has been "working" hard during harvest. He rarely got to come inside the summer because 1) he sheds like crazy when its hot and 2) he is a farm dog and gets bored immediately inside. But these long hours and the cold outside have had him wanting to come inside (and nights when it freezes, he sleeps inside). This night I was especially honored to have him voluntarily snuggle with me without any forcing prompting by me.

Last friday night home game of the season. We won this game and became District Champs! First play-off game is tonight.

Go Dragons!

Have a great weekend!

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