November 3, 2011

Fredericksburg Mother-Daughter Weekend

Last weekend was so much fun and relaxing. Mom and I decided to meet in Fredericksburg since it was exactly 4.5 hours for each of us and there's not a whole lot of "vacation spots" between us. She chose a great bed-and-breakfast called Angels Above the Creek that was on a side street from Main Street. 

The rooms were gorgeous! At least our's was. I really should have taken these pictures with my camera but sometimes an iPhone's just too convenient.

I love the stone on the wall behind the bed. It changed the room dramatically.

Huge bathtub!

 The room was full of antiques and had a small kitchenette and huge closet. Our room was right off the beautiful pool area. There was also a few little outdoor living room areas, one with a large fireplace that would have been a lot of fun with a big group.

 Behind the pool and below is where the creek is.

Friday night, we drove into Fredericksburg about 9:30 pm and just headed to our room and hung out there while we watched the Rangers game. (So sad.)

Saturday morning, we got up when they delivered our breakfast! The food was so good. a breakfast burrito, muffin, fruit... yummy. Then we headed out to go shopping for the day!

One of my favorite things about Fredericksburg is the home decor inspiration! I took pictures of several things I loved.

Isn't that last bedroom beautiful!?

After shopping all day, we went back to the room in the afternoon for a short nap and then headed out to a vineyard where they had tastings and live music. We chose the Grape Creek Vineyards, a different one than the one Kanyon and I went to last time we were there.

The grounds were gorgeous and the wine was definitely good.

I think Kanyon could make this... this sells for $399!

That night, Mom and I headed to dinner and decided to try something other than a Main Street restaurant and we're so glad we did. We ended up going to Cabernet Grill. (terrible picture..)

THIS was the highlight of the meal. Mom got the german chocolate bread pudding. Top ten best deserts of my life. Seriously. And mine was a chocolate and white mousse cake.

I definitely recommend that restaurant. It was so good.

The next morning, we did a little more shopping but headed out around 1:00 pm to head home. It was a great weekend and much needed. Love you, Mom!

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