November 1, 2011


Mom and I had a great weekend in Fredericksburg! I have pictures to show but first, I wanted to post some Halloween pictures before it gets too far into this week.

We had a very steady stream of trick-or-treaters last night but I'm thankful we live in a small tiny town and we were done after a couple hours. I only had to tell one kid to say please after he yelled at me, "give me candy"... twice. 

Jana and Joel were one of the first ones to come by with their kids. Their son Jett was Harry Potter.. although he told me he was Hermione. I'll just assume he meant Harry since she doesn't wear glasses. Joel and I have this deep connection over Harry Potter. Sometimes we'll have complete conversation in only Harry Potter-isms. We're trying to claim Welch for Dumbledore. Slowly, but surely.

Tac was Davy Crockett! How awesome is his costume? His shin guards are real hides. Perks of Mom being a taxidermist. Definitely borrowing this costume for one of my kids later.

Here they are posing.

After Jett moved on to the next house, Nicole and her son Tripp came by, too! Tripp is such a sweetie. He hasn't learned yet that he's only supposed to kiss girls and he kept trying to greet Tac with a kiss.

 Tac: "If you must."

This kills me. Nicole says he practically came out of the womb sucking his thumb.

I wanted to get a picture of Slayde, too, but he was in a pack of about thirty kids and I was just trying to survive giving the mob candy. He was a dragon. A cute one.

One last thing. I wanted to share with you this quick "recipe" (you can't even really call it that) that I threw together last night.

My favorite thing to eat at Chili's is their Monterey Chicken and I made it last night for Kanyon since he's been eating left-overs all weekend while I was gone. 

All I did was grill the chicken breast after seasoning with season salt and covered it in barbeque sauce (I made my own using this recipe but I'm sure your favorite is fine). Then you cover it with grated cheddar (not too much because you'll be adding more) and put a few pieces of bacon on top of that. Cover with cheese again. 

Kanyon was stripping cotton last night so he got home about an hour after I made it so he just heated it up in the microwave but I think it would have been even better if it had been heated and the cheese melted under the broiler.

If I had been making this for myself, I would have added the diced tomato on top like they do at Chili's but I thought Kanyon would like it better without. From Chili's website:

So again - its just grilled chicken smothered in BBQ sauce, bacon, cheese, and tomatoes. Kanyon loved it.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Those little trick or treaters are simply the cutest! And that grilled chicken...yes please! xoxo