November 8, 2011

Porch and Pillows

I threw Kasha a shower on Sunday and it went great! She got so many super cute girl-y clothes and gifts. Ainsley is going to be very well dressed, for sure!

Kasha has several pictures on her camera and I will get some from her to show you.

In the week before the shower, I was doing some re-arranging (I made some big progress on the guest room, almost done and I love it!) and attempting some crafti-ness. I made this wreath! The shower's colors were pink and brown and I love these yarn wreaths. It was very easy, just took a long time. I made it during the World Series, though, so I had a good reason to sit for several hours.

Last year, I bought a wreath like this on Etsy for about $25, I think. Now that I know how easy it is, I hope to make a Christmas one! I don't regret buying the previous one though, since I like to support small businesses like that.

Also new for our porch is the wire stand I bought in Fredericksburg last weekend with Mom!

I LOVE it! Willow House and I'm sure other stores sell items like this for around $75 but I got this one for $25. Right now my pots just have fake moss in them but next spring, I will be getting some smaller planters to fit in and around it with flowers. Flowers... haven't seen those in forever...

So the porch is looking cuter lately although everytime I see a picture I realize how much the crumbling cement and chipping paint sticks out. For some reason in person, it doesn't seem to near as much.

I told Kanyon I'd like to just paint it a cream to match the trim but he thinks it would make it stick out more. Maybe I should paint it a muted brown that matches the brick?

I have about twenty things in my house that I'm going to paint "someday"...

Also, I'm wanting to take down that light fixture and replace it with a non-upside down cuter one. I guess you can't really tell in that picture that its upside down though. But it is.

And last but not least, I want to show you the pillows Kanyon made for Al and Kasha. They had some axis hides and commissioned (that sounds so official) Kanyon to make pillows out of them with a leather back. I thought they turned out beautiful!

Now if I can only get him to make some for his OWN home... I think this will be a lifelong battle, Kanyon having to make time to make stuff for himself when he has a list of other people's jobs in front of him. 

Coasters! That's all I want! 

Well, thats not all I want.

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