May 9, 2012

14 Weeks

Yesterday morning, we went for a 14 week ultrasound at my doctor's office. My mom was in town so she and Vaughn tagged along, too! It was fun for all of us to get to see the ultrasound together.

When he started it, I was instantly shocked to see how much the baby was moving! I repeatedly said that all day yesterday - "I can't believe how much the baby was moving!" He/she was twisting and turning and flapping its arms so much that we could hardly get a good picture. But we did get a few!

This is the best one of the baby's side profile:

And this one we think he/she is waving at us:

It was really cool to see how much the baby had grown and to see him/her moving so much!

The doctor said at our next appointment when I am 18 weeks, we may be able to see what the sex is! We have another appointment at 20 weeks with a sonogram specialist who will definitely be able to tell us if we can't see it at 18.

Its getting pretty exciting! This morning, my mom said that the shirt I was wearing really showed my baby bump. I'll have to start taking pictures soon!


  1. I'm so jealous you guys got to see the baby again! at my last appointment, we just heard the heartbeat. AND I'm jealous that you will get to know the gender of yours before we know ours! I could go in again in 2.5 weeks if I wanted or wait for the day of my other appt, but they said they weren't going to do an ultrasound if I did. so I just have to wait until my specialist appointment to find out! I'll be 22.5 weeks for that so we BETTER find out! ha! Excited for you though!!

  2. Pictures, pictures, pictures--- yes please!!! Even better though, I get to see you and your cute little baby bump in less than two days!! YAYYY!

  3. oh gosh!!! i bet that 20 weeks can't seem soon enough! so very excited for you!
    xo TJ