May 21, 2012


I took these early last week with the intentions to post it then! Woops. It was a busier week than I've had in a while so I guess I can say there is a reason this time!

I really can't even recall if I've shown what our porch looks like in a while. So if I already have, just make me think I haven't.

I do know that I took a picture of this bench when I first painted it though. But here's the whole view. I still really love driving up to this view!

Kanyon won't be too happy that I posted this before he was able to mow again. We had a lot of rain last week and they grew like crazy! Not complaining though, that rain was so needed.

In fact, I trimmed our Dusty Millers (the grey plants) to all be the same height and then the rain came and they exploded! Guess I'll have to do that again. I definitely don't claim to have a green thumb or to know anything about keeping flowers and plants alive! I'm usually surprised if they survive.

Another change that I've been yet to document is a buffet that I bought from my friend Kelly a while back. I love it. It really fills out the space better than the buffet I had there before. I changed up some of the decor, too.

I bought another shelf to match the one I had on that wall above the table to add some more height to that wall. I took down the small gallery wall I had going on around the clock because we are having one of Kanyon's deer mounted and that wall will change soon anyway.

And last, the flowers that Kanyon surprised me with for Mother-to-be's Day!


  1. The buffet looks so good!!! Glad you're enjoying it! :) I'm just like you on plants, I pretty much assume they will all die but I think I've finally found a combination even I can keep alive!

  2. SO Cute!! You are making your house a beautiful home!! You have your mom's creative streak! Happy Belated Mother's Day To BE!

  3. all of these are absolutely beautiful!!!
    xo TJ