May 14, 2012

Coming Out of the Fog

By the fog, I mean all that entails first trimesters. Morning sickness, no appetite, no energy, just a general don't-feel-good feeling.

I am finally feeling so much better! I actually have not revolted at the thought of food at the majority of my last few meals. I'm still having a little nausea but only very sporadically. I've been able to get through the days without falling asleep at my desk! Its nice to be back in the world, again.

I got a great pick-me-up in the form of my mom and brother coming to visit last week. It was really just what I needed. My mom cooked every night, even extra meals to put in my freezer, cleaned the house and came and visited me at work everyday. My brother just made me happy by hanging out with me :) He and Zeb really like each other, too. Cole has a couple more weeks in Abilene and then he will be moving back to Colorado where his heart is and starting another summer internship with Dry Bones as their mountain guide leading groups on treks.

Last week I also had the pleasure of finally showing quite a bit more! It seems like I just popped out a couple inches all of a sudden. Its not much yet and I don't have a picture to show (that I want on the world wide web...) but maybe soon I'll take a picture of the baby bump that I'll put up on the blog.

On Friday morning, Mom, Cole, and I headed to Oklahoma for my cousin's graduation from Oklahoma University. Kanyon stayed behind because its planting season. On Friday night, we met up with the Shipleys (my mom's sister and her husband and 3 daughters) for dinner after picking up my dad at the airport in OKC. It was great to see everyone again!

Saturday was graduation day! We woke up and headed to Norman for the ceremony. The ceremony was just for the people in Bethany's specific college so it was a smaller affair. I still remember how amazing it felt when I graduated from ACU.

After the ceremony, we took some quick pictures and had some lunch close to campus before heading back to Edmond to help prepare for the graduation party later that afternoon at the Shipley's house.

Bethany with my family (minus Kanyon and all squinting hard)
(I was really shocked to see how pregnant I looked in this dress!)

Bethany with her sisters, Sara and Emily.

The party was from 4:00 pm on so we got to hang out with a lot of friends and family all day at the house. The plan was to have some swimming that afternoon but unfortunately a cold front blew through and we were all freezing outside! Jenny and Dean and Sara made a really good bbq dinner, too.

Sunday morning, we slept in and had a Mother's Day breakfast by the pool with all the cousins before Mom, Cole, and I all got in the car to head home. We drove to Dallas and had a quick lunch before Cole and I jumped on a plane and flew to Lubbock. Cole headed on to Abilene after dropping me off at home and I spent the rest of the night at Kalith and Vaughn's house with family. 

I was very surprised to get lots of texts yesterday wishing me a Happy-Mother-To Be's Day! I honestly did not expect it at all and was very flattered. I even got a gift from my husband and Vaughn! Vaughn got me a beautiful cotton shirt that I will be able to wear for a while during the pregnancy (and after!) and Kanyon got me a pedicure and flowers! He also surprised me with some earrings he bought at the Western Heritage Show he went to with Landon on Saturday. They are handmade sterling silver oval hoops made by the same man who crafted Kanyon's gorgeous belt buckle. I was showered with unexpected gifts!

I hope you had a great Mother's Day with your mother and especially if you are a mother!

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  1. yay! Mommy to be:-) so exciting! I definitely remember that 1st trimester "fog." Every trimester just gets better and better, (and more and more real!) xoxo