May 29, 2012

Sometimes it hits me...

... that I never would have guessed I'd be here 6 years ago at my high school graduation.

Not that I hadn't ever dreamed about what it'd be like to be married to Kanyon. Because I did. In fact, I wish all the time that I could go back to my 14 year old self at camp and tell myself that I would be marrying Kanyon Brown, that boy I had a crush on (along with a few other girls). The look on my face would be priceless.

But on Sunday night, as I am driving down the turn row (what I am doing above) slowly as Kanyon fixes some things here and there, I realize, I never would have guessed I'd be a farmer's wife and doing this right here. I definitely wouldn't have balked at the suggestion though, it would have sounded like fun to me even then.

And I am so happy to call this place home.

As I drove to Midland on Saturday, I took a back way out of Welch instead of taking the main highway and found myself appreciating like I do every once in a while, like its the first time, how beautiful the place is that we live. Sure there are some places that aren't so pretty like the fields that look like a desert but even those look beautiful with our kind of sunsets behind them. West of Welch is probably my favorite area where the flat plain becomes small hills all of a sudden, with green grass as far as I can see.

There is something comforting in the fact knowing that you will live in the same town for your whole life. (Well its comforting if you love where you live.) Not to say there won't be lots of traveling but that one spot will always be home. I don't think I would have ever felt that way about the suburbs I grew up in or any suburbs but of course, I can't say that for sure. There is just something different about the country that allows you to claim a whole area as home. This is where my kids will grow up. This is where they will visit Kanyon and I, or maybe even settle down here themselves as Kanyon's parents have been fortunate enough to experience. 

I told Lauren this weekend as we talked about dating and marrying that I would have followed Kanyon anywhere. But I'm really really glad its here.


  1. What sweet are blessed!

  2. Me too!! I have come to love Welch, TX too.