April 19, 2011

CRAZY week

WOW. This last week and a half was CRAZY.

Rewind to two weekends ago -
Friday night (the 8th), we had a fundraiser at the church I work at where Vaughn and I decorated some tables to host my church's attendees. Did that make sense? Anyway, I was excited for some of Kanyon's family to meet some of the people I work with AND I got to show off my dishes :)

I couldn't find a picture of the complete set with my salad plates in them and they are my favorite part. So here is a picture of the salad plate to give you an idea:

The fundraiser went well, from what I could tell, and everyone from our church enjoyed the program.

Saturday, our friends Britnee Mahan and Carter Brandt got married in San Angelo at the Stables at Fort Concho. It was a gorgeous wedding. The "stables" were more of a large barn. The white Christmas lights made the place look great. Tac, Kasha's 15 month old boy, had a great time dancing the night away on the dance floor! The only picture I have from the night is this one of Jessica Napper and I. You can see a little of the lights behind us!

That week, I had bible study on Monday like usual (I am LOVING this semester's study on John by Beth Moore, called Beloved Disciple) and then Tuesday night, I scrambled when I got home to get ready for a Pampered Chef party I was hosting! I have loved their stuff and my friend Danielle is a consultant. I felt like I was cheating PC because all I did was open up my house and make food and then they give me all this free product for hosting! Seriously, if you've ever thought about hosting on of their parties, do it. The rewards are ridiculously generous. I'll share what I ordered later when I get it all in but the party was a lot of fun!

For the food, I didn't have much time to prepare so I stuck with the usual easy party foods - vegetable tray, cheese ball and crackers, and Kasha offered to make something so she brought Mocha Brownies (a Pioneer Woman recipe, of course) and I made the simplest trifle dessert ever. Lemon pound cake, whipped cream, and assorted berries layered together in a trifle bowl. Looked impressive but took two minutes to put together (depending on if you bought or made the lemon pound cake - in my case... bought). Danielle, as the PC consultant, made a quick meal while we watched, showcasing all of her PC gadgets. She made ham and cheese calzones. Sounds kind of womp-womp.. but they were so good. Ham is one of the only meats that I don't love and I still loved them.

Wednesday and Thursday were business as usual. Church and getting prepared for the wedding coming that weekend.

Then Friday came and it was time for Kaitlin Lee to get married!!

 Kaitlin and her boy, Nathan.
Now her husband!

I don't know why, but Kaitlin getting married seemed much more surreal than my own getting married!

Kaitlin and I have been friends since we were 14. We met at the same church camp that I met Kanyon at, Summer Excitement! She was one of my bridesmaids in my own wedding and I was excited to be one for her. We had a lot of fun together spending lots of time together in the time leading up to the wedding. We got to have a couple of times to go to dinner and run errands but one night we rented a hotel room so we could have a full on sleep-over! Silly, I know, but it seemed appropriate at the time :)
The rehearsal dinner was at JB's Steaks in Brownfield and we had a good time getting to know all of the wedding party and sharing stories. And then Saturday, we spent most of the day relaxing, laughing, and getting ready for the wedding! Kaitlin was a very excited and happy bride. Early afternoon, we started taking pictures and everything started happening really quickly!

The wedding was beautiful. Can you believe that this is in Brownfield, TX?

The ceremony and reception were both held at the Fulford Barn in Brownfield. It was a beautiful venue. We've been there before for another wedding but it was a reception at night so I didn't get to see this view!

Here are the two newly-weds cutting their cake -

Don't they look great! Like I've said a million times now, it was a beautiful wedding. I cried. Twice. And I didn't even cry at my own wedding. I shocked myself. One of my favorite parts was the Father-Daughter dance. Kaitlin and her dad started out dancing to "Cinderella". Almost towards the end, though, they surprised everyone with a little something..

Whew, trying to catch you up on a week and a half is hard and I'm remembering a few things here and there I've not mentioned but I'll leave it at that. Tonight, some of Kanyon's family is in town. Actually, they are "in country" because they are missionaries in South America on furlough. So we are having a family dinner tonight with them after I do some yard work with Kasha. Pictures of the yard to come soon. It is much improved!


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